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Cam Knight

Every year is a huge year for Cam Knight, sold out shows across the land. Always great reviews

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Cam Knight

Cam Knight is one of those entertainers who rattle on non-stop, bringing on laughs by the dozen with every delivery he makes. Although rather on the slapstick side, Cam Knight’s inimitable style touches the heart of everyone in his audience, as he highlights everyday, routine situations and adds a comic twist to them.

Born in 1976 in Cummins, South Australia, Cameron Knight or Cam Knight as he has come to be known passed out from the South Australian Centre for the Performing Arts, Adelaide. He discovered his true calling as a stand-up comedian, and launched his career on the television show Big Bite.

Cam has worked extensively for Foxtel and The Comedy Channel for a period of five years where he worked as a presenter. He was also a host for The Comedy Channel on shows like Hit & Run Series 2, We’ll Call You, FHM Lara Croft Challenge, World Comedy Tour 2005, Thank Comedy It’s Friday and Cam & Charlie’s Guide To The Festival,and also hosted the popular TV show, Stand Up Australia. He also appeared on other television shows like The Jesters, Stingers and Blue Heelers, and worked for Comedy Channel’s Comedy Slapdown. One of the highlights for Cam Knight personally, was being able to perform alongside his childhood stage hero Mr Glynn Nicholas in the show Certified Male, in Perth.

Cam Knight also drew upon his training in acting by taking up acting assignments from time to time. He acted in a 15-minute film, What’s the Matter? directed by Lee Rogers, which premiered at the LA Short Film Festival, and this film was later screened at the 2007 Flickerfest at Bondi Beach.

Cam Knight’s has hosted several TV shows and in his role as an interviewer, has interviewed some to the most widely acclaimed personalities in the world of comedy, like Demetri Martin, Mike Wilmot, Stephen K Amos, Will Ferrell, Seth Green and John C Reily.

Cam also has a string of festival shows to his credit – Impro Sundae(six years of improvised sketch) at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, for example. His other indigenous shows include Let Me Entertain You Too, Split Bill, Then There’s Love and ManCHILD at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Among his later achievements, Cam Knight appeared in Just Another Misfit, which he performed to a sold-out house at the Sydney Comedy Festival and at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2013. This motivated him to write a totally new show 100 Percenterwhich was featured at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

As a master of ceremonies, Cam Knight is a popular fixture, and has been seen hosting various award nights, fundraisers and other corporate events, such as the Tour De Cure Bond Night and the McGrath Foundation Luncheon.

Cam Knight is also an adventure sports buff, and has participated in activities that range from snowboarding in Iran, to participating in the Tour De Cure Cycle Challenge from Brisbane to Cairns in support of cancer research.

The comments from The Herald Sun aptly summarize Cam Knight’s level of achievement in his career of stand-up comedy: “Knight has mastered his art well. knows how to work a crowd from the get-go to the end. brutally funny.”