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Aspire DJ Band

Essentially Aspire consists of a percussionist and a DJ,  with the optional addition of a saxophone player and a vocalist.

  • Entertainment:
    Dj with Live Musicians, Live Music
  • City:
  • Size:
    2-4 piece

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  • Aspire DJ Band
    Aspire DJ Band


  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band
  • Aspire DJ Band


Aspire DJ Band

Aspire DJ Band – we are often are asked by our clients if we would recommend a DJ or, alternatively, a band. Aspire is a unique mix of both options and we call it a “DJ Band”. Essentially Aspire consists of a percussionist and a DJ,  with the optional addition of a saxophone player and a vocalist. Collectively, the act is called Aspire DJ Band.

The act is highly engaging and creates a celebratory atmosphere.  Our dance floor is full always full of guests that we entertain by interacting and using the mic to hype guests. We give out shakers and maracas to guests to keep the mood high and often get guests on the instruments, which is always fun. The event’s music is entirely customisable and we are able to work with your run sheet. We offer a creative and visual performance with our DJs and percussionist offering strong versatility and ability to “read a crowd”. Our DJs are professional and fun have and have nightclub, corporate and wedding experience. As we are DJ based, we allow you to choose from any song in our library of over 20,000 songs and we are happy to guide you through this.

Our three packages are as follows:

Package one is our Aspire Package – our original duo package with a DJ and percussionist.

Package two is our popular sax package – a trio consisting of including live sax, live percussion and a DJ .
The saxophone is a versatile instrument. It can be played early in the evening, during canapé hour and  offering smooth and funky sounds during meal times to create ambience. The sax can also “let loose” during dance brackets and compliment the percussion. The sax players often move onto the dance floor to create a unique interaction with guests and work off the percussionist and DJ.

Our DJ band is our 3rd package. This includes a vocalist, saxophone player and percussionist and DJ. This popular package consists of an engaging group of musicians comparable to a traditional band, with a strong interactive element and strong versatility to play almost any song and even requests on the night. This is the main package sold.
We offer a complimentary MC as part of all our packages. This is either our percussionist or DJ who are professional  Masters of Ceremonies in their own right (not just a band member).  We are able to assist in co-ordinating the event and introduce your entrance, speeches and other formalities with natural charisma, on the night.

We are able to play all with music styles and can also play music from particular heritages. The setup contains well presented conga and bongo drums, adorned with flowers, cowbells, maracas and tambourines and other instruments to suite your wedding theme. We specialise in music from Middle East, Latino, Greek, Turkish, Macedonia, India and Italy and have speciality instruments that are played traditionally as with a band. An example is toumperleki, which is a Greek drum, played on the dance floor during a Greek music set.

All three of our versatile  packages include:
•    Professional sound system (PA)  and DJ gear for up to 300 people. Upgrades are available for larger numbers.
•    Professional lighting
•    Band mixer and all associated equipment
•    Professional MC
•    Maracas and tambourines handed out during dance sets for guests to play.
•    Complimentary event planning and music planning consultation (Skype or in person)
•    Professional and unique entertainment and well presented professional performers
•    Music requests, music specifically chosen to suite your vision
•    for an additional fee, Aspire can  help the bride and groom surprise guests with their drumming skills by giving them a private lesson with no previous experience required.


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