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We’ve been playing up a storm with a mixed bag of Blues, Roots & Reggae, even some Country!

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    Acoustic with Vocals, Duos and Trios, Live Music
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  • Stranger in a strange Land

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  • Alamogordos
    Alamogordos - live


  • Alamogordos
  • Alamogordos
  • Alamogordos


Dion Hirini & Bobby Valentine

Dion texting Bobby to tell him he was suffering the after effects of ‘alcomohol’ after a particularly ‘strenuous’ gig at The Palace Sth. Melbourne. The intuitive text on his phone said ‘alamogordo’, so Dion, with his inquiring mind, looked it up to find it was the place in New Mexico where the first A-Bomb was tested in 1945!!! & so our Acoustic Duo got its rather grand name!

We’ve been playing together on & off ever since Dion burst onto Melbourne’s live music scene in the 90’s. Mostly doing Corporate gigs & bars. I’ve always loved his playing & have sat in with his bands from time to time too.

We’ve been playing up a storm there for over 6 months now with a mixed bag of Blues, Roots & Reggae, even some Country!

We’ve written & recorded two songs together; Stranger in a Strange Land & Edge of the World (Brackenridge Boogie)

We make a pretty unique combination with a great ability to adapt all sorts of tunes to the Acoustic duo format. The repertoire is always changing & we’re constantly challenging each other with spontaneous re-arrangements & a liberal amount of jamming!