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Lounge Jazz

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What is lounge Jazz

Lounge music is a type of easy listening music popular in the 1950s and 1960s. It may be meant to evoke in the listeners the feeling of being in a place, usually with a tranquil theme, such as a jungle, an island paradise or outer space.
Lounge music as a term also refers to it’s place in the lobby of hotels, the lounge, or bar area. Cruizy in its nature, it is easy listening music at its best, conducive to conversation. It does not require applause after eat song. This frees up the audience to drink, converse and enjoy their environment.



Lounge jazz on film-sinatra

Lounge Jazz on Film

The legendary Rat Pack of Frank SinatraDean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr., along with similar artists such as Bobby DarinJackie GleasonWayne NewtonLouis PrimaSonny King, and Sam Butera are notable examples. The music of Burt Bacharach was soon featured as part of many lounge singers’ repertoires. Such artists performed mainly at featured lounges in Las Vegas casinos.

Modern Lounge Jazz

Lounge music has influenced the landscape of music through film.  Lounge jazz was entrenched in Hollywood during the Rat Pack/ Sinatra era.  “The Blues Brothers” featured  “Murph & the Magic Tones” as the classic lounge band. Synonymous to playing to empty rooms.

Billy Joel performed as a lounge musician and as a result penned “the Piano Man”, arguably the most famous song about being a Lounge Jazz artist. “The Fabulous Baker Boys” featuring  real life brothers Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges as two brothers struggling to make a living as lounge jazz pianists in Seattle, reinvigorated the Lounge Jazz Musician on film.

Piano man- lounge music


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