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Headline DJs

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Headline DJs

Headline DJs

Headline Djs are recording artists in their own right. They have followingers and command huge fees for performances. The are the “Rock Stars ” of the 21st century. As time moves on, more and more of your target audience will have grown up listening to dance music, or been exposed to dj music, over and above live music.

As demand grows, they can charge and earn huge money for performing at Dance Parties, Raves, “Doofs” and Festivals. Headline DJs are often on the next flight to another country for an amazing party!!

Some still use the “old skool” turn table and vinyl, whilst others are fully digital.



Headline DJs Get the Party Started

Headline DJs bring a party vibe to your event.  They also make sure your guests fill the dance floor.  Headline DJs have well known profiles and are great for product launches, fashion parades, brand activations, festivals or prestige events where the age group is 40 and under.

Adding a headline DJ to the line up at your event ensures you have a prominent draw card to entertain your clientele. Headliners are a main event act that the audience looks forward to seeing.

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Headline Djs

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