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Australian Music Recording Artists - melbourne

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Recording Artists Melbourne

Recording Artists, Famous Australian Singers & Australian bands available for events in Melbourne can be booked here. Ideal for corporate & public events.  Save the Aussie Recording artists you like to your personal wish list*. Listen. Read. View. Watch. Enjoy.

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 Recording Artists Melbourne for Corporate Events

Recording Artists Melbourne or Headline Recording Acts bring a big name and big buzz to your corporate event.  Recording artists include “Heritage Acts” or performers who had charting success 10 or 20 years ago but still perform the corporate circuit.
These recording artists are names everyone knows (unless they are under 20).  They bring history into the room and will generally get a good response from a corporate crowd aged 28-55. They are based in Australia and travel Australia wide for a fee.
 Recording Artist Melbourne

Recording Artists Melbourne – The Super Band

As this group of “Heritage” recording artists have aged, they have begun to leverage each others brand to attract an audience. They do this by performing together in groups.  This phenomena is known as the “Super band”.

This allows any combination of varying recording artists to come together, allowing for an ever shifting “band” to be presented to the corporate market.  Often there is a backing band that then allows each “front person to do a small set, and hand over to the next.

They usually come together at the end for 3-4 iconic Australian songs (often one of their own!)

TV Recording Artists

With the global phenomena of talent shows such as Idol, X factor, Your Country’s Got Talent and  The Voice, TV is churning out over night celebrity recording artists by the dozen. This creates new talent available for hire for events.

The most well known Australian TV recording artists  (Guy Sebastian, Jess Mauboy) have stood the test of time.

Those succeeding generally have a grasp of “celebrity” as well as music.  Some of these TV artists can carry clout in a corporate environment, as they bring “relevance & currency” to the entertainment selection.

Recording Artist Melbourne


Headline Djs

Other recording artists include Headline Djs, who are the rock Stars of the 21st century. These are particularly appealing to the youth market, or brand events that target the younger demographics. They can charge and earn huge money, with the demand for dance parties and festivals often turning these electric “Rock Stars” into globe trotters on regular basis.

Selecting the right Recording Artist Melbourne

Getting the right recording artist Melbourne for your corporate event is critical. They generally come with a heavy price tag, so you need to get it right. It is important to ensure your source all production, audio visual equipment and travel. Often it is best to let a professional team do the negotiating for you, to save you time, money and stress.

Instinct specialise in sourcing and booking Headline Recording Acts for corporate events Australia Wide.