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Find & Hire African bands, and African performers for your next corporate event, public event or festival. Listen to samples, view artists repertoire & save acts you like to a personal shortlist for an obligation free quote.

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African Performers of all descriptions

African music, the music of the indigenous peoples of Africa. Including the Berber in the Sahara and the San (Bushmen) and Khoikhoin (Hottentot) in Southern Africa. Besides vocalisation, which uses various techniques such as complex hard melisma and yodel, a wide array of musical instruments are used. African musical instruments include a wide range of drums, slit gongs, rattles and double bells, different types of harps, and harp-like instruments such as the Kora as well as fiddles, many kinds of xylophone and lamellophone such as the mbira, and different types of wind instrument like flutes and trumpets. Additionally, string instruments are also used, with the lute-like oud serving as musical accompaniment in some areas.

Drums used in African traditional music include talking drums, bougarabou and djembe.  Other percussion instruments include many rattles and shakers, such as the kosika (kashaka), rain stick, bells and wood sticks. Also, Africa has lots of other types of drums, and lots of flutes, and lots of stringed and wind instruments.

Instinct supplies world music for events, functions and parties Australia-wide with artists all around the country. Some of our most popular acts include Latin & Cuban Bands, Irish bands, European bands, Italian bands, Australian bush bands and more. We understand the role that live music plays in ensuring an event’s success so we carefully select only the best artists and performers and offer a wide selection of styles and genres to suit any occasion or theme.

African Performers for Corporate Events & Weddings

With more than 20 years experience in live music for corporate events & special occasions, Instinct can supply the perfect act to suit your needs. Our entertainment booking agency provides the best live music for hire including cover bands, jazz bands, duos & trios, solo artists, world music and DJ’s, as well as classical musicians, string ensembles and a variety of other live music options.

Instinct & African Music

  • We provide African music for any type of event, whether it is a corporate function, festival, family day fundraiser, sporting event, festival,wedding or just a great party.
  • We have African music performers available to suit just about any budget.
  • All African music performers and talent on offer are amongst the best in their field, and will make your event a success.
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Our aim is to provide a professional & pleasant booking experience, and a fabulous stress free event. Our experienced consultants are available to assist with any enquiry and provide outstanding service and expert advice. Please contact us to disuss your entertainment requirements or to place a booking for live music for your next event.

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Did you know Instinct also supplies other live entertainment for public & corporate events, weddings & private functions, such as comedians, MC’s & speakers, stage shows and roving acts? Browse our website or call 1300 881 611 to find out more.