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Are you looking for Corporate Event Ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Organising a corporate event can be a daunting task, and one that requires numerous elements to fall into place, like a well written symphony. Getting the entertainment correct is crucial to the success of your event. It will set the mood and reflects your brand for your guests. On top of this, it’s the entertainment and theme of your event that will provide the lasting impression long after your event is over.
Our dedicated team at Instinct have years of experience within the Corporate Event Entertainment field, and can provide you with over 3000 individual acts and performers for you to choose from. We will make recommendations and offer assistance to help you create the best corporate event entertainment possible, and fits in with your requirements, expectations & budget. Please have a look through the ideas below. Feel free to contact with us for any further assistance.

Corporate Event Ideas for Gala Dinners

Gala Dinners can be held to promote a brand or service. It can also be an event that celebrates success and rewards its guests. Guests who are part of the business and have contributed to its success. A dinner set is generally at least three courses where the guests remain seated. A Gala Dinner event usually involves a number of formalities, a Speaker, an MC, and Entertainment.

Corporate Event Ideas Business Speakers
Corporate Event Ideas
Corporate Event Ideas Bands

Business Speakers

Engaging a professional business speaker can elevate your event greatly in terms of audience engagement.

Corporate MCs

Professional MC’s to coordinate and seamlessly stitch your even together.

Live Music | Bands

Having suitable live music at your event will engage your guests and set the mood for your event.

Corporate Event Ideas for Award Nights

Award Nights are held to celebrate success, they should be fun and inspiring and include the presentation of awards to team members, sales or person of the year award and formalities. As with Gala Dinners, Award Nights usually also involve a set course dinner where your guests will be seated. Award nights will also usually involve a speaker, presenter, MC, and entertainment. However, an award night can often be less formal and involve a lot more fun in terms of how it’s presented and engaged with.

Corporate Event Ideas Motivational Speakers
Corporate Event Ideas Comedians
Corporate Event Ideas Jazz Bands

Motivational Speakers

Depending on the type of event, having a motivational speaker engage with the audience can really get the message of your event across.

Comedian MCs

No’one enjoys sitting through long boring events, a good Comedian MC can bring the event to life!

Jazz Bands

Having a life band either playing during breaks, or as a background or house band playing stings as guests walk up to the stage will really set your event apart and give it a professional edge.

Corporate Event Ideas for Conferences

Conferences are usually quite formal in it’s structure, and are primarily created to share information. Whether it be related to a business service, achievement, new product announcement or something else. A conference is usually held in an auditorium with a presentation stage that your audience will be facing in seated rows.

Corporate Event Ideas Keynote
Corporate Event Ideas Stage Shows
Corporate Event Ideas Themes

Keynote Speakers

The Keynote speaker is probably the most important address of your event. Make sure it’s made by someone who knows how to engage an audience.

Stage Shows

A professional and entertaining stage show will set up the cherry on the cake for your event.


Why not create a theme for your event? A theme can be a fun way to get your message, product or service across to your guests and could look fantastic.

Corporate Event Ideas for Cocktail Functions

Cocktail Functions are usually a lot less formal than any of the above. People can be seated or standing, and the event is usually in an informal setting. It’s the perfect type of event for roving performers intermingling with your guests, such as magicians, caricature artists, or smaller solo or duo musical acts. Cocktail events are usually held at smaller intimate type venues for smaller groups.

Corporate Event Ideas DJs
Corporate Event Ideas Roving Comedians
Corporate Event Ideas Duo's


Set the mood with a well versed DJ who knows his music to suit the event

Roving Performers

A roving performer can engage with your guests on a personal level, elevate the mood and sets the stage for the event

Duo & Trio Acts

Nothing beats having some intimate life music at your event that’s non invasive, but entertains your guests