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Commitment Ceremony 7 Secrets to Success


Commitment Ceremony 7 Secrets to Success

1. Make your Commitment ceremony You-Nique

Have a ceremony that reflects who you are a couple. What is the overall feeling and atmosphere you want for the day?   Take advise, research and reads up, but them look in your heart and decide what suits to two of you! choose together!

2. Choose the Commitment ceremony location carefully

The setting can have a massive impact on the atmosphere of the day, so choose you venue wisely.

3.  Choose the Commitment ceremony celebrant with care

Find a person to officiate your ceremony or wedding who is interested in you and is prepared to put in the time to make your special day a moment to remember

4. Personalised Vows:

The vows are a big part of the wedding ceremony. Once you have written down your vows, make sure you have a copy with you. a small card as a Cheat sheet may be a good step. Ask the celebrant or the person officiating the wedding to hold onto it until the right moment.

Remember always speak from the heart, make them meaningful and sincere, but remember to save some special words for the toast or speech later in the night.

5. Acknowledge others

A ceremony is a wonderful time to acknowledge parents, family and friends that have supported and loved you leading up to this moment.  Share your appreciation of this support with them on this special day and thank them

6. Photos and videos

It is an important day, so think about what sort of photos & video you want? Locations and who should be in the shots.  Plan this out to reduce stress and confusion on the day

7. Commitment Ceremony Music

Whilst many use an Ipod these days, live entertainment can create an electric atmosphere and help create the moment that  will stay in your memory and the memories of your guests for the rest of your lives. Select music that has meaning to you both as a couple. Live music is best, be it classical, a band, duo trio or jazz band or dj.

Choose fabulous music that uplifts the spirit and stirs emotions.  The music should build a climactic bridal entrance.  The processional music should not go for too long, with the usual length being 1-4 compositions.

Some couples also choose interlude music, particularly during the signing of the marriage registry and for the close of the ceremony and exit