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Choose the right wedding ceremony music

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Choose the right wedding ceremony music for every special moment

Music creates atmosphere for any event. It elevates the mood, brings people together and captures the moment. Best of all, music brings everyone onto the same level emotionally. When walking down the aisle you want your guests to feel mesmerised. You want your guests to be engaged. You also wanted your guests to be in the moment. Your choice of wedding ceremony music is critical to achieving this.

The formula to success wedding ceremony music:    perfect time + perfect choice = magic moments. 

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Wedding Ceremony Music:  Get the timing right

To distinguish the perfect music, you have to first identify the different moments in your wedding. Although playing a bunch of songs may sound easy, there is actually a step by step process. The four stages are;

Stage 1  Guests arriving

Stage 2  Walking in of the bride

Stage 3  Signing of registry

Stage 4  Final/walking out

Now the different timing stages have been distinguished you can begin choosing perfectly suited songs.

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Ceremony Music:  The perfect music

This part of the equation is crucial. Simply put, the wrong song at the wrong time will create mixed emotions at your wedding. It is important to not mess this up.

Stage 1: guests arriving is about relaxing your guests in preparation for the big moment of walking of the bride. When guests first arrive at the venue, they will be utterly distracted. Whether this is by the unfamiliar surroundings, seating arrangements, other guests or small devices such as mobile phones. This current time suits perfectly to play some background music with little to no vocals. Keeping it instrumental and building suspense for the uplifting moment the bride walks down the aisle.

Stage 2 walking in of the bride is the time to pump things up. There will be a short pause where groomsmen take their set positions, then the transition from instrumental to vocals begins. The singing and upbeat tempo immediately raise spirits in the room. The “chosen song” exhilarates the bride and groom giving off a scent of brightness to all the guests. The bride arrives at the alter in perfect beat to the band and the ceremony begins.

By hiring an experienced wedding band you are guaranteed smooth transitions between songs. The band will ensure the chorus and verses are played to suit the schedule and easily adjust to any last minute changes (going unnoticed).

Stage 3 signing of the registry is another uplifting moment. You want it to remain cheery and engaging for your guests yet romantic for you and your “almost” husband. Pick a song with meaningful lyrics and a medium beat. This will create the perfect atmosphere for both yourself and your audience.

Signing the registry can take up to ten minutes to complete, it is recommended to pick out two songs (just in case) you run over schedule.

Stage 4: final/walking out is a moment of celebration (we hope so)! You just got hitched and the room is full of love.This is the moment where the band takes control. They turn up the volume and entertain with some upbeat, energetic, love never felt so good tunes. You can’t wipe the smile off your face and some of your guests may even shed some tears. Taking the first steps as husband and wife is an extremely touching moment so ensure you have the best of the best music complimenting your big moment.

Follow this link for some of Instincts favourite wedding songs:



 Ceremony Music The final step

When the values of perfect timing and perfect music accompany each other, you create a magic moment. In fact, you will have many magic moments on your special day.

However, many of these will go unnoticed. Your day will tick away so fast, it will not be until a later date you realize just how magical the event was. When you hear a song replay from your wedding day, you want to be taken back that lively, ecstatic feeling.

Allow your wedding day to be the most memorable day of your life by hiring an professional entertainment agent or wedding planner. The passion, experience and success is simply priceless.