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Planning a 40th birthday

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Need a hand with ideas or entertainment?
40 is not over the hill ok, let’s clear that right up. 40 is the new 30!
Do you know people still getting married and thinking about starting families at 40? Do you have friends that are foot loose & fancy free enjoying single life at 40? Make your 40th fabulous and fun.
Let us help you Find Fun Fast!

5 steps to a Fabulous 40th Birthday Party

  1. Do something outrageous

    * Sky diving party
    * Skuba driving party
    * Stage diving party (i.e. do it!)
    * Hot air ballooning
    * Retro “tacky” where you shun your past with a giggle and bubbles?

  2. Night & Day

    Why not have an activity based day and a classy night combine to make a day that no one will ever forget?

  3. Big night out

    From swanky restaurant to trendy bar, why not remind your self you’ve still got it.?Dress to the nines and knock ‘em dead!Encourage your guests to dress to impress, maybe get a limo and rock this town?

  4. Shaken not stirred

    40 is a GREAT age to hit the cocktails, you have progressed from the island coolers and beers to the martinis and mojitoscocktail party corporate cocktail event 4 small

  5. Entertain them – party entertainment

    From flare bar tenders, to live bands, why not make your 40th the one you wish you had a 21!  The party your parents could not quite pull off, (not surprising , after all is was the 80s!)apple-juice-on tap