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Planning a 25th Birthday Party

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4 Tips for Terrific 25th Birthdays

Need a hand with ideas or entertainment?

The 25th birthday party requires a little more creativity than dinner an drinks with your friends. Its the SILVER!  One quarter of century deserves a celebration!   You need to find a way that celebrates your maturity, combined with  the energy of youth, that shows you are alive and loving life!

1. Girls like to do something outrageous

  • Sky diving party
  • Skuba diving party
  • Stage diving party (ie do it!)
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Retro “tacky” were you shun your past with a giggle and some bubbles?

2. Guys like to play it cool

  • Barbecue- always a winner and simply cool
  • Special dinner with friends
  • Throw back party (retro. it seems the 80s will never end, even if you weren’t born yet!)
  • Back yard activities- think bucking bulls and beer sculling contests!

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3. Party in stages

  • Like bucks and hens, why not have a day/night thing?
  • make over or pedicure?
  • Spa treatment or Tattoos?
  • Adrenalin in the day and drinks and dancing at night?

You decide?

4. Entertain them at the 21st Birthday

Nothing sparks the party like live music– a cover band or duo/trio is ideal to ensure you guests dance the night away to hits from yesterday to today.

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