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Birthday Party Checklist

Happy Birthday

Birthday Party Checklist

1. Think about a theme for the Birthday Party

If the birthday is for a child, find out what your child’s friends are doing so you do not clash with ideas- talk to the other parents early in the process! think of a theme

2. Devise a preliminary birthday Party budget

These parties can get expensive, keep it real and under control. Plan out at full budget and allow for contingencies. Think about the little extras, napkins, plastic cups, cocktail umbrellas, temporary tattoos and face painters for kids, cutlery, table cloths., ice for the eski and so on.


3. Create a preliminary guest list

How far a field will you cast your net? Family and close friends or more?

4. Devise the Birthday party with your event planner! 

It’s a lot of work.. do you want to enjoy it or run it? You decide! Working with  professional event planner will not only reduce stress, but also allow you to access their wealth of experience.

5. Select your venue- involve your family in this process

The room sets the vibe, make sure your child likes it! The choice of venue has a large impact on the event. choose carefully

6. Gather bids from party professionals

Caterers, photographers, live bands, DJ’s, entertainment, decorations, and so on.

7. Guests lists: Make sure you get them all

Instructions to invitations – set the scene and build excitement

8. Send out invitations

Think about making it work with the theme.

corporate christmas party invitation-instinct-events and entertainment

9. Make a good first impression

Make the invitation inviting!

10. Book all entertainment and lock in all suppliers

Only use professionals- seriously ONLY use professionals!

You have to get them to move, MUSIC is critical! Children love to dance, so a dj or small band is great!

Performers, clowns, magicians, face painters, and roving talent can all be used to keep them happy and entertained.  Kids love stage performers, so why not set up a temporary stage and captivate the kids with magic and illusions?  Often, they will call kids up form the audience to participate, which is always a winner!

Professional Face Painters


11. Decorate the room

Make sure you get your child involved

12. Special Dietary Requirements

Do you have it covered?

13. Finalise the guest list

Involve the birthday person once again- IMPORTANT!

14. Make it Fun, & Fantastic

Touch their hearts, Captive their minds!

Capitvate their heart

15. Make them dance

Get them to move & dance

16. Always be Prepared, Plan in detail

Concept to completion

17. Short is Sweet

keep formalities to a minimum

18. Know the Right People

From set up to pack up, know everyone on the team and have their contacts

19. Sound & Visuals

Know it or have someone there who does!

20. Go with the flow, be flexible

But things come up! Deal with it!

Dont panic