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90th Birthday Planning Tips

90th birthday party planning

10 Terrific Tips for planning 90th Birthday Party

90th Birthday hot tip , remember to celebrate the person, not their age!
Celebrate their achievements, and the times you have spent together

1. Do NOT throw a surprise party for a 90th Birthday

Not a good idea to startle 90s years olds with a surprise, besides, it is nice for them to know you care leading up to the special day.

2. Consider the Honoree- make it appropriate for a 90th Birthday

their own personal activity level will determine what is and isn’t appropriate. Remember, it is about them and their life, not everyone else

3. Scrapbook or photo slide show!

Get out the photos, these days it can be a scrap book or photo album, or if you have a clever grand child, or great grand child, they can put it into i-photo or keynote and project it onto the wall or ipad! (phew, thank goodness for grand kids!)

Photo album-old

4. Keep it happy and upbeat. 

Be mindful that at 90, a lot of friends may not be with the honoree, so be mindful to celebrate without dwelling too much.

5. Why no have a theme?

If you don’t have a specific theme, give it a go, need a hand with ideas? Why not visit our Event Theme section to get more food for thought? What about a theme around the year you were born?

6. Plan the date for your 90th Birthday party

This should be around the real birthday, but not absolutely necessary.  Try  friday night or weekend as generally there may be some adult consumption that  makes the next day tough!  Make sure it is good for all the family and friends.  Check in with everyone, young and old and make sure it suits

7. Book your venue for your 90th Birthday party

Make it central and easy to get to for all guests. If it is your home, be prepared!  The up side is you don’t have to drive, but someone has to clean up, so we recommend getting out and about!   Even better, is one of your children’s houses! go on, pass the baton! more on booking venue’s here.

8. Invitation lists for your 90th Birthday party

Make sure the invite matches theme and the tone and language is appropriate.  Make sure you get everyone, family, friends and long lost friends. This is a big one and all the years gone by are worth celebrating.


9. Feed ‘em

Hire a caterer! don’t mess about, this is a really big one and everyone should be there to celebrate, not cleaning up, scraping dishes or even staking the dishwasher!

10. Entertain them- party entertainment

Memories of days gone by are often triggered with music./ why not have some music of the golden era, a classy jazz band, crooner, or dj that knows the old stuff.  Everyone loves it! give them that memory!

Do not forget a photographer!!!

Ask us about video and photography.