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60th Birthday Planning tips


7 tips to a fabulous 60th Birthday party

60th birthday means you have 60 years  worth celebrating.  Do you need ideas to make this party terrific?

1. Pick a theme for your 60th Birthday Party

If you don’t have a specific theme, give it a go, need a hand with ideas? Why not visit our Event Theme section to get more food for thought? What about a theme around the year you were born? Or maybe a flash back to your speed skating days in 60s & 70s?

2. Plan the date or your 60th Birthday Party

This should be around the real birthday, but not absolutely necessary. Try Friday night or weekend as generally there may be some adult consumption that  makes the next day tough!  Make sure it is good for all the family and friends.

3. Book the venue or your 60th Birthday Party

Make it central and easy to get to for all guests. If it is your home, be prepared! The up side is you don’t have to drive, but someone has to clean up, so we recommend getting out and about! selecting a venue can be tricky, read more.

4. Invitation lists or your 60th Birthday Party

Make sure the invite matches theme and the tone and language is appropriate. No jokes about age at this point, it is a celebration of 60, not a mocking of it!  But you can still have a few little jokes about the surface area of the cake not supporting that many candles etc

Make sure you get RSVP’s for confirmed attendees at least 7 days prior to the party. Add a section for food allergies on RSVP so you know what you are dealing with!


5. Feed ‘em

Be mindful of food allergies, make it easy, finger food is best, balance between healthy and fun (chips are fun, just a fact of life!) At 60 you would expect good food, not fast food, so keep this in mind. The expectations have gone up with the age of the birthday!

6. Entertain them- party entertainment

You have to get them to move, MUSIC is critical, so a DJ or live cover band is great. Jazz bands, swing bands, Latin bands.. you name it. At 60 we still like to dance like there is no tomorrow! And we love to see the kids and grand kids do the same!

7. Photo Wall or projections of days gone by!

60 years is a lot of memories, why not dig them out and share them

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