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10 Tips for 1st birthday parties

Cupcake-1st birthday

10 Tips for 1st birthday parties
(Yes, a year has passed already!)

Weekend parties usually works best for parents and other adults.  Actual birthday or the next weekend is fine

1. Short is sweet at the 1st birthday

one hour for a one year old is good!

Baby-one year old

2. Not too many friends

5 babies is a about all most of us can handle!

3. The party is really for the adults

But keep it to VIPS only

4. Ask for help!

That’s what friends and family are for!

5. Presents first, cake second !

Keeps baby clean for present opening!

6. It’s a celebration for the parents

(one year ago it all began!)


7. What about a clown or entertainers for the adults?

Maybe a magician?

8. Babies love balloons

Balloons are fun for everyone. Use foil or mylar to avoid choking hazards

9. Check your treats

Watch out for food allergies