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We at Instinct are excited to offer Bullet Time photo/video service that will blow your guests minds. Introducing Bullet Time, a visual video effect that freezes a moment in time while still moving around the subject.

Let your guests have some fun in front of the camera, capturing their antics in a single frame while the camera motions around them.

Bullet time is a visual effect created by perfectly aligning a series of cameras along a set on a line of motion pointing to a singular subject. All cameras are then fired off at the same time, or within split seconds of each other depending on the effect required freezing a moment in time or considerably slowing it down. The shots are then sequentially played back on a video timeline giving the impression the camera is moving around a subject that’s frozen in time.

The effect is known historically by a number of variations referred to as “time slicing”, “dead time” or “frozen moment”.

Bullet time Production from Instinct International on Vimeo.

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