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Caricaturists taking it to the next level

carcicaturists for event-cartoonists for events

Caricaturists for events

Looking for the BEST entertainment for your weddingcorporate event or party function? Look no further than a caricaturist. Why you say? Because caricaturists enhance the vibe and are a creative concept to any event.

caricaturist keep the kids entertained.
caricaturist keep the adults entertained.
caricaturist gives you guests something they will take home, cherish, that can be branded with your logo or slogan for your event

Furthermore caricaturists are now taking it to the next level with digital technology. No more pen. No more paper. Have your picture drawn onto a ipad.

Caricaturists – give your guests something to remember

This unique feature brings a new meaning to “permanent memory,” a revelation in the caricaturist world! See your picture on a flat screen monitor and in your inbox by the time you click refresh mailbox. The opportunities continue with the ability to tailor the pictures to theme or style of your event. For a corporate event, add your company logo. For a wedding, add a thank you note. For a private function, add the date.

A caricaturist takes five minutes per picture to complete yet provides you and your guests with a everlasting “take away” memory. Bring your event to life and book a caricaturist for your next event with Instinct Event & Entertainment.

Hire or book a caricaturist – EASY!