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8 Laws of Roving Entertainment or Roaming Entertainment

Masquerade ball dancers- showgrils- masquerade

Are you thinking of using roving performers for an event?
Want some entertainment that sets the scene and creates the right mood ?

8 Laws of Roving Entertainment or roaming entertainment

1. Roving acts – Standing ovation!

Roving acts work best when people are standing! They are great ice breakers.  No one likes someone hovering over them whilst they are seated.  Use them for Pre-function periods and for cocktail events. They are also great for trade shows, expos, festivals and meeting areas.

2. Festivals & Sporting events

Roving performers are ideal for large, outdoor events. The biggest draw card is undoubtably face painters. Every team, every nationality of supporter loves this vibe. When you have big crowd you want big visual appeal. Stilt acts and larger visual acts are great, allowing the audience to see them at some distance.  Also Street theatre performances often get the crowd in.  Circus performers also  regularly feature at these types of events.

Hire Face painters

3. Timing is everything

They are not much use when your crowd is already drunk? Use them at the start of the event to set a tone and create atmosphere.

4. Stilts indoors

Don’t forget to check the height of the ceiling to make sure they fit! Stilts are cool, head injuries are not!

snow-queen-on-stilts-450-2 waterdrops-450-1-555x345

5. Fire performers

Indoors – don’t forget it will smell and there is smoke!  You need to turn of smoke detectors off or your could have a very wet guests. You may also requires fire warden depending on the venue

Outdoors: Remember it always works better at night, but they cant do it for hours, keep it short and sweet.


6. Human Statues

If they are covered in gold paint, good chance they will need a shower after the performance. Whenever you are booking a human statue, think about their post performance requirements

humnan statue-human statue-statue for events

7. Roving music

you generally cant have a singer without a microphone.  So, when it comes to roaming entertainment and music, Brass bands or drums work best for roving (just like a marching band)


8. Roaming entertainment & Interaction for adults

The best one-on-one up close interactive acts will involve your guests without asking too much of them!  Magicians, caricaturists and tarot readers/ fortune tells are popular. 

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