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Speak Easy – 1920s Gatsby Theme

Speak Easy-gatsby-1920s-1930s-2

Speakeasy – 1920s Gatsby theme continues into 2015…

It’s pretty hard to beat the art deco style of the speak easy theme. The guys and dolls, gangsters, flappers and some seriously good big band music. With the success of the Great Gatsby movie and TV shows such as Boardwalk Empire, the theme appears to never get old.

Speak Easy – a time of prohibition

Speak Easy 1920s Gatsby theme is a chance to get dressed up and let your hair down all at once. A chance to make some yummy cocktails and then dance the night away. It also allows the organisers to indulge in Art Deco design, from invitation to room styling and re-live the glory of this golden period.

Speak Easy-gatsby-1920s-1930-4

Speak Easy – a time to dance

Last Saturday Instinct delivered all of that and more at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne for an amazing 50th birthday that went all out!  Groove Star stole the show, although the flapper dancers did turn a few heads.  Big Tony welcomed the guests on arrival, along with the paparazzi’s and dancers performing as meet & greet girls.

Speak Easy – the art deco look

Stage sets and room props were set up to look like whiskey bond stores. Whisky barrels acts as high bars. The stage was ‘dressed” with a white baby grand piano,  as Groove Star performer both swing jazz sets as well as “Jazzy” renditions of current contemporary cover, to ensure that everyone had boogie through out the night.

Speak Easy-gatsby-1920s-1930-5

On behalf of Instinct, big thank you the Birthday Boy (Michael) and the Park Hyatt and all performers.

Instinct was engaged to provide a total event management service for this speak easy themed event

As 2020 Looms ever closer, no doubt the speak easy, Gatsby or Roaring 20’s theme will gain further momentum in corporate events, as 100 years approaches.