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Product Launch – 20 Tips to Great Product Launches


20 great product launch tips

Product Launch: 20 Tips to Great Product Launches

1. What do you need?

the team to get it done, right, fast and on time! Always work with professionals

2. Know the problem you are solving

Match the product to the markets need

3. Know who your solving it for?

Get to know who your potential customers are


4. What’s so unique about your product?

Communicate the features & benefits of your product or service to the market!

5. Build a list of potential customers

Build you list leading up toe the product launch. Get them excited and build expectation.

6. Confused buyers don’t buy!

Be clear with your products positioning and messaging

7. What’s it going to cost

Have a budget and stick to it!

8. Set clear product launch goals

Make sure they can be measured!

9. Use leverage

Small investments for large returns

10. Get them pumped up

Build the excitement leading up to the event.


11. Timing is everything for product launches

Time the launch for market conditions. Look at what competitors are doing as well as what your potential customers have on. Do not expect them to attend in their peak sales period or at the end of the financial year or reporting periods.

12. Choose the product launch location wisely

The venue will reflect your product

13. Give them sound bites!

What will they remember. Think Steve Jobs- “10,000 songs in your pocket” was an easy way to remind people of the benefit of an iPod!

14. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Give your launch momentum, close the deal.

15. People love take away, 

Give them a show bag to take home! something that illustrates your product or reinforces the benefits they provide.

16. Technical expertise at your product launch!

Know it yourself or have someone there who does! Technology is great when it works, when it doesn’t, it is just plain embarrassing.

17. Big Stage, Big Screen, Lights, Camera, Action!

Now your launch has energy! Despite what you have heard, size does matter! What about photography and videography? Get the right corporate entertainment and use a professional event manager.

18. Have confidence in contracts

Make sure suppliers will deliver what they promise. Make sure you get a few quotes, however if you can get suppliers to bundle a number of servcies or components together, you should achieve better value.

19. Bring it all together in harmony – your product launch deserves it

From design to delivery, ensure your product launch is professionally planned and delivered.

20. Feed back

What did they think? If you don’t ask you will never know!

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