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24 Steps to Fantastic Fundraisers

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Are you raising money for an important cause? Do you want to get your message seen and heard? Do you want your charity fundraiser to grow year after year, and help more people?

Here are 24 Steps to Fantastic Fundraisers to ensure you take your event to the next level

The charity fundraiser celebrates the good work of individuals, the causes that inspire them and make the world a better place, but they still should be fun!

They help raise money for the cause, and create a community of people around it who care,  but if the guests experience a great event, they will come back, and tell others too!

Instinct has been involved in more than 15,000 events over the last 18 years, and we have seen it all.  So, take out your note books, and let’s get started.

24 Steps to a Fantastic fundraiser

1. Same price for everyone?

Offer a range of tickets, group discounts and early bird specials. Offering group discounts  to different companies, clubs or teams may encourage larger numbers of guests to attend.

Budget for everything-101-corporate-events-entertainment

2. Choose your fundraiser sponsors carefully

You will be known by the company you keep- but once you have them, over deliver. Make sure they are recognised for their support through branding, signage, projector screens, and of courser form the Master of ceremonies

3. Lock them into your fundraising message

What emotion will get them to buy?  Remember the problems the charity helps solve. Delve into the pain that the charity helps remove, and really get them to understand the benefits their donations will provide to those in need.

4. Use the Web to promote your fundraiser!

They have to be able to find your Fundraiser. There is no better way to provide information to your audience that through the internet. Even think about a short video, like this one, to promote your event

5. More than one medium

Try to advertise in a number of ways. See what works?

6. Get Action with an Auction at your fundraiser

Get sponsors to donate items to sell. silent auctions and traditional auctions with an auctioneer increase the excitement and rewards of attendance.

auction at charity fundraiser-charity event

7. Activities for Sale

Guests can buy games, photography, tarot readings and more to raise money

 tarot reader at chairty fundraiser event-corporate event entertainment

8. Support your Supporters

Ensure all sponsors are recognised and applauded

9. Budget for everything at your fundraiser

As an event planner you need to account for everything. Make sure you don’t have any  nasty surprises in your budget by having a thorough budget from day one.  Remember to ask for packages or bundles of services from your suppliers to deliver  more bang for you buck!

10. Do you have a theme for your fundraiser?

Your choice of Venue, decoration & entertainment should all reflect the theme?  If you need ideas just check out our event theme section.

11. Get Input from your team and supporters

What did and didn’t work with last years Fundraiser? Ask your team, ask your guests and listen to what they say.  Remember is is all about the guests, not you, so don’t take it personally.  Sometimes feedback that is hard to hear is the best way to learn and grow and improve what you do

12. Make a good first impression

Make your invitation inviting!  Whether it is a physical invite or a digital one, make it attractive and inviting!

13. Get in the right space for your fundraiser

Choose your venue wisely!  The choice of venue will not only effect the bottom line for your event, but create a large part of the atmosphere or ambience for your event.

14. Guests lists: Make sure you get them all

from Instructions to invitations- set the scene and build excitement. Don’t forget to include details of where to park and how to access the area.   Have a good database system to track who was invited and who has sent their RSVP’s.

foot charity fundraiser event-melbourne-sydney

15. Special Dietary Requirements

Do you have it covered? It’s extremely important to make all guests feel welcomed, and that you have their dietary needs covered. No one likes to go hungry!

16. Make your Fundraisers Fun & Fantastic

Use entertainment that lifts there spirits.  The best events will touch their hearts &  captive their minds!    Simply ask us how we can help you with entertainment with will achieve this.

17. Send them home with sore feet from dancing

Live music is still the biggest bang for you buck at any Charity fundraiser. Get your guests to move & dance with one of Australia’s best cover bands, recordings artists or DJ acts, from instinctmusic.com.au. This will ensure they come home have had a great night! (and thus tell their friends!)


18. Always be Prepared, Plan in detail

From concept to completion, from design to delivery, you have to plan. Fail to plan, then plan to fail. Simple as that.

19. Short is Sweet

Keep formalities to a minimum. Your guests are there to have fun, dance and enjoy them selves. Get involved in the auctions, activities & entertainment.

20. Know the Right People

From set up to pack up, know everyone on the team and have their contact details on you at all times.  The best Charity Fundraisers are the ones where the whole team comes together and feels connected in the delivery of something special, for a good cause.  Choose your suppliers carefully, and where ever possible, work with professionals

21. Audio Visual at your Fundraiser

Know it or have someone there who does! Technology is a big part of the annual ball.   Good sound systems for music and lighting is critical. Capturing the event with good photography and video will help you to promote it next year the web

22. Use a professional event manager

Decide if you are running the event or spending time with your guests, staff and clients?  You can’t do both, so decide and plan accordingly. Best to use an event manager with experience with charity events. Professional Event management is key !

23. Got it covered?

Make sure that all suppliers have appropriate public liability insurance. This includes  the venue and all third party suppliers.

24. People love take away,

Give them a show bag to take home! Get sponsors to contribute, but leave them with things that will increase word of mouth buzz about your event and your cause