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13 Tips to Conference Confidence!


Got a strategic message to give your staff, team or clients?  Do you want confidence that your conference will inspire, update or refresh?

13 Tips to Conference Confidence!

1. Know the problem you are solving

Match the product, information to the markets needs.  Make sure you understand your audience and listen to their needs

2. Create a timeline (and stick to it!)

Delivering a key message often takes time. Be careful not to get lost in the data. Instead focus on your audience and make sure they are enrolled and involved.

timing of your event-instinct-events

3. Always be Prepared, Plan in detail

From concept to completion, from design to delivery, you have to plan. Fail to plan, then plan to fail. Simple as that!

4. Keynote Speakers & Trainers

Confirm and reconfirm your keynote speakers. Make sure you are prepared and have all that they require on stage, from flip charts, white boards to projector screens.  If they are using hand outs or materials for the audience, make sure you have ample spares on hand.

5. Get in the right space for your conference

Choose your venue wisely!  Make sure it is big enough but not too big, Nothing  effects the vibe more than empty seats. Better to add extra seats as the room fills, rather than leaving empty seats. (This is VERY important one, so pay attention to this golden nugget!)

Also check the venue contracts carefully before signing anything and access times, loading dock access and so on.

6. Budget for everything

As an event planner you need to account for everything.  Remember to ask for packages or bundles of services from your suppliers to deliver  more bang for you buck! 

Budget for everything-101-corporate-events-entertainment

7. Control the room

Make is a safe place to learn for all students, staff or attendees.  The lead trainers chief role must be to earn and hold the trust of all of those in the room.  Make sure  you keep your cool, even if someone in the audience doesn’t.

8. Know the Right People

From set up to pack up, know everyone on the team and have their contact details on you at all times.  The best events are the ones where the whole team comes together and feels connected in the delivery of something special.  Choose your suppliers carefully, and where ever possible, work with professionals

9. Record Everything

You may be running the seminar or conference live, but the information can be repackaged and delivered again in audio or video formats, for review or to give people who could not attend in person. Ask us about video packages we have available.


10. Courtesy is remembered

Make the right first impression, always acknowledge your audience and thank them for their time (and money if they are paying guests). Remember to respect their time, or they will choose to be somewhere else.

11. Turn on the tech talk!

Know it or have someone there who does! Technology is a big part of the annual ball.  Good sound systems for music and lighting is critical.

12. Where attention goes, energy flows, results show!

Pay attention at all times.  Change the audience’s physical state, Get them to move, get them to share, in groups or in front of the class.

13. Make them the hero

It’s all about your audience! Give, Give, Give.   Make sure you use regular reviews and accelerated leaning techniques to ensure they learn and retain as much information as possible.