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13 Secrets to Marvellous Meetings

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13 Secrets to Marvellous Meetings

Are you meeting for the right reasons?

1. Finding solutions & solving problems

Face to face always gets more done!

2. Giving information

information is received verbally, and with body language

3. Training

Tell them how & what they need to do!

4. Discussion that leads to objectives

Always hear both sides of the story

5. Generating ideas

Throw it our there and see what sticks

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6. Workshops

Take an idea and grow it together

7. Consulting and getting feedback

A chance to hear what the group says

8. Dealing with crisis

Work as a team to solve critical matters

9. Setting targets & objectives

Measure to manage.

goals-target-meeting-meeting and conferences

10. Team building

Unleash the potential of your team with Team building

11. Conveying & clarifying policy

Deliver the information more than once

12. Special guests – guests speakers

Inspire, refresh, update with keynote speakers 

13. Process improvement

Incremental improvement leads to success!

Success-go get it