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10 Good Reasons to Mix Business and Pleasure – business lunch


10 Good Reasons to mix business and pleasure

Do you think dinner, drinks and a good agenda can get results? Do you want to break down barriers to communication and improve results? What about creating understanding?

Today your going to learn 10 good reasons to mix business & pleasure.

1. Finding solutions & solving problems at a business lunch

When it comes to finding solutions and solving problems, you always gets more done in a face to face situation. Most people like eating!!! However, be wary of drinking alcohol if you want to get lasting results (or go back to work afterwards)

2. Giving information at a business lunch

Information is received verbally, and with body language & tone, so getting together is often the best approach.  Emails just don’t really delivery humour or sarcasm.

3. Discussion that leads to clarity at a business lunch

Always hear both sides of the story. Eye contact is important in building trust. You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion and you will do well.

4. Generating ideas

Throw it our there and see what sticks. one idea can often feed another. the group is nearly always bigger than the sum of the parts. Getting comfortable with this sort of communication also fosters team spirit.

5. Consulting and getting feedback

It’s a chance to hear what the group says, as individuals and as a team. a chance to 


6. Dealing with crisis

Work as a team to solve critical matters around a table.

7. Setting targets & objectives

Measure to manage. Get together to set targets and objectives and get buy in form the whole team.

8. Team building

Unleash the potential of your team, by building bonds between the individuals and getting everyone to see each other for who they are.

9. Special guests – guests speakers

Inspire, refresh, update you team with keynote speakers and presentations.

10. Process improvement

Incremental, constant improvement leads to success. Discuss with everyone, good ideas often flow up the management hierarchy, not down!

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