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Dj hire melbourne


So you’re looking to hire a DJ in the fairest city of them all (It’s okay Sydney, there’s always next year, again). What do you need to know? This is the article you’re going to want to read before hiring a Melbourne DJ for your function. Want to know more? Read on…

DJ Hire Melbourne: Getting started

The most exciting part of planning any birthday party, wedding or corporate party is the melting pot of ideas that you’re going to encounter right at the initial phase of planning. Will you have a theme? How many people are likely to come? How much do we have to spend? Where are we going to have it? Is it corporate entertainment?

Inevitably the question of music will arise, and likely early on in the piece.  How do you keep people happy and cater to everyone’s musical taste?

Maybe you know your guests’ preference and you have a band in mind – but how much is that band going to cost you? Are they in budget for you? Unless you’re booking a soloist, you’re easily looking at a bill in excess of $1000 and smaller line-ups don’t always carry the same vibe as a full band. You’re looking for a DJ.



DJ Hire Melbourne: Booking your DJ

There are so many options now when it comes to Dj hire Melbourne. The rise of electronic music scene 20 + years ago has dragged DJs out of the “daggy job” area into the “superstar” arena so everyone and anyone now has access to equipment and knowledge in the DJ arena.

Having said this, that doesn’t mean that they’re all good! With more options to sort through, more time is needed to find the right DJ for you. Do you want an all rounder corporate DJ who will rock your end of year party? Do you want an RnB DJ with mad skills? Maybe you want to really fire up the dance floor with solid house grooves. There’s a DJ for everyone, and it takes time to find the right one for you. With we right Dj controller equipment

We are your one stop shop for all things DJ!

DJ Michael Degraaf 2

DJ Hire Melbourne: Benefits of a DJ vs Band

Aside from the obvious cost benefit of a DJ Hire Melbourne (they are typically going to be cheaper), there are also numerous other benefits to hiring someone to drive the wheels of steel (or plastic nowadays). Good corporate DJs are able to adapt to many styles of music, they are able to play for many hours on end without tiring, they usually bring all of their equipment, they take requests and have an almost endless array of music to suit all styles.

DJs can also do things that bands simply can’t do. DJs will play the song as it is, as it was recorded, as people know it! Various treatments or versions of songs can be great, but every band will put a slightly different spin on the song even if they have rehearsed it millions of times. Some people just like the song played as it was. More creative DJs (such as in club styles and environments) can do live remixing, and create an almost endless seamless blend of music throughout the night. It’s like a band playing a medley of songs, except for hours on end keeping the dance floor alive without boring breaks! Of course then there’s the obvious distinction that many electronic genres are simply not replicated in an organic band.

Cost, flexibility, style. There are many reasons to choose a DJ  Hire Melbourne over a band.


DJ Hire Melbourne: Why Us?

We have Australia’s largest list of DJs at our fingertips. We have booked DJs for birthday parties, end of year corporate parties for ages 18-80 +, big name club DJs, DJ combination bands, house, hip-hop & RnB DJs; if you want a DJ we will find you the right DJ for your budget and your event.

Call us now and find out just how easy it is to keep a few people, to thousands of people grooving all night long!