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20 Australian Corporate Entertainment Acts

20 Australian Corporate Entertainment Acts

20 Australian Corporate  Entertainment Acts (that will make you jump for joy)

Ok. so your planning a corporate event, or looking for fresh, new, relevant Australian corporate entertainment.

Well here is a HOT 20 LIST you cant go past. Instinct specialises in Australian corporate entertainment, and the feedback we have got from our corporate clients on these acts, means they have ‘earned their stripes” and you should check them out! (click on the image to view, watch and WOW!)

One caveat. One of the acts is not Australian, but performs here regularly. Oh.. and the order of the acts is as we thought of them, not in order of preference!

1. Patsy – the life of the Party

For an Absolutely Fabulous touch of revolting elegance at your next function this lady will delight your audience with her insultingly good humour, good looks, accent and wit!

Patsy is an ideal corporate “meet & greet” character. Your guests wont know if she blew in from the street or is an outrageous invited guest. She comes complete with fake cigarette! The original COUGAR, Pasty is a seriously fabulous roving performer! – Based in Melbourne

2. Emmanuel & Co

Unlike anything you have every seen before in Australia. Emmanuel & Co Shows that include dance, drumming, acrobatics and specialist talents.  With breath taking performances the audiences will be left feeling like they have travelled to West Africa without leaving the venue.

This is a stage show that is perfect to energise a conference or wow a gala dinner.  This guy has skills you just don’t find every day, anywhere! an Excellent Australian corporate entertainment act PLEASE CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BY CLICKING IN THE IMAGE – Based in Melbourne

3. The Flower Orbs

One could say “This is a surreal and minimalist style performance. The Flower Orbs are sharp beautiful images against architecture, urban landscapes and interiors.” or you could say they are simply weird and wonderful! we say BOTH! Super cool roving act for corporate & public events. Available in Melbourne & Sydney

4. Graphics in Light

As a component of a bigger show, or as a stand alone act, Graphics in light, is a performance involving state of the art light equipment – Graphic Poi.  Electrifying light and Hypnotic this state of the art ultra modern technology leave audiences all over Australia speechless.

Revealing high definition graphics, we can customise and program, with precision, to display company logos / graphic text and complex imagery, creating a completely specialised performance for your event.  Roving performances or stage shows available. Corporate entertainment just got exciting. ..so did brand activations!  Check the video!!  Based in Sydney

5. Orient Rhythm

Orient Rhythm a truly original and innovative live dance performance that combines elements of traditional Japanese culture such as Karate and Nunchaku with street dance (Locking, Punking, Waacking) with CG image projection.  You will not have seen a corporate entertainment act like this before

We have never seen anything like this guy. This guy is a MASSIVE WOW factor for any corporate event, conference or product launch. YOUR NOT  GOING TO GET THIS UNLESS YOU WATCH THE VIDEO!! CHECK IT OUT! It is totally worth it!  Travels from Tokyo, Japan.

6. Cockatoo & Frilled Neck Lizard

The cockatoo and frilled neck lizard are iconic Australian roving entertainers. But wait.. there is more !! Kookaburra and soon to be joined by an echidna, these Australian indigenous animals are all the rage for conferences. Particularly when foreign guests are present.

The designs are all created with body paint and costumes and can take over three hours to complete but when they appear at an event they make a huge impact. Australian Corporate entertainment act with huge appeal for Chinese visitors – Based in Melbourne

7. Liam Power

Liam is one of Sydney’s busiest magicians and has the experience required to make your event a roaring success. Liam performs not only all over Australia but the world, on luxury cruise ships, at corporate events, products launches, weddings, milestone celebrations and festivals.

8. The Diamonds

Think the Supremes meets Destiny’s Child meets The Sapphires. Imagine the most recognised female soul, pop and disco songs from the 20th century brought to life and you have… The Diamonds!

Featuring 3 stunning and talented young women, the show spans from the original sisters of swing and soul, to the legends of motown and divas of disco and pop – Aretha Franklin, Patty Labelle, Dusty Springfield, The Supremes, Gloria Gaynor, Madonna and Lady Gaga just to name a few. This is a powerhouse opening act or feature stage show, or entertainment act. Based in Sydney

9. The Break Dancing Waiters

Catch your guests off guard with these surprisingly brilliant, under-cover, break dancing waiters.

The evening will start off as usual, your guests completely comfortable that their evening will run in the usual uniformed manor. Entree will be served, no different to any other fabulous standard corporate event. Then, our under-cover waiters will come out, and begin to work as waiters for a good 10 minutes or so, allowing the guests to have familiarised themselves with the staff.  Power house little Feature spot- 20-30 mins, loads of fun. Available in Sydney & Melbourne

10. All Colour Project

Neda’s Multicultural All Colour Project presents Melbourne’s current multicultural performing arts scene with colourful show stopping rhythm, vocals and dance. All Colour Project varies in size from an entourage of 5 performers – 24  performers. The show can be tailored to suit various formats; feature show that includes roving drummers with flagged carnival style colourful entry,  along with other drumming ensembles, electro expressive dancers, soul singers, contemporary statements that reflect a true picture of Australia’s best multicultural performers.

This Electro-World ensemble is fully costumed, expressing their artistic design and colour that inspires and is ripe to enthuse audiences. This is world music and global performance at its best. Based in Melbourne

11. Solar Bugs

Eco friendly, dazzling new stilt act, costumes light up at night. Super cool roving act. Solar Bugs are ideal for festivals & evening events.

Based in Sydney

12. Sean Woodland

Sean Woodland tells jokes that makes people laugh.

Sean’s material is classic comedy, with rapid fire relentless delivery of well-crafted jokes is always a winning formula. Not limited to the stage Sean is a freelance writer and an author, having numerous satirical pieces published in Australian magazines and newspapers and is one of the most sort after club performers in Australia. – Based in Sydney

13. Colin Lane

Best known as one half of Australia’s favourite comedy double act, Lano and Woodley, Colin Lane has earned the adulation of critics and audiences alike.

In almost twenty years together Lano and Woodley won the coveted Perrier Award for best show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, starred in their own television series and toured sold out shows across the country. Sadly they are no longer, after saying “Goodbye” in 2006 with a national tour that took in 34 markets and sold more than 125,000 tickets. – Based in Melbourne

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14. Steve Panozzo

His cartoons and caricatures have appeared in more than 35 books, and his work has been hung in almost 40 exhibitions in Australia and overseas. This is one of Australia’s best caricaturists, Ideal Australian Corporate Entertainment – Based in Sydney

15. DJ Kate

DJ Kate is an Australian vocalist and DJ. Known for DJ’ing nightclub, lifestyle and high fashion events.

Kate is an Australian vocalist and DJ. Known for DJ’ing nightclub, lifestyle and high fashion events. She is at the forefront of the Australian music scene with mix-up of House, Pop, and of course The Classics. Celebrated for her long-standing work in the entertainment industry internationally and locally. Kate regular is headlining gigs a as one part of the duo Vamp.

Dj Kate has rapidly become one of  the leading Corporate Djs on the market. Talented, gorgeous,. she brings spunk and charm to any event.  – Based in Melbourne

16.Mad Men Jazz

Mad Men Jazz Trio, smooth live electro swing and funky jazzy house. Comprised of vocals, saxophone and DJ, this act touches on all the cool of swing jazz, but the hip sound of the dj allow for dancing as the night kicks on. This is on of the most popular DJ combo bands going at the moment. – Based in Melbourne

17. Mash Machine Interactive Game

OK, this isBRAND NEW PEOPLES!!!! There is currently only one in Australia and Instinct is proudly making it available to YOU!.

Mash Machine is a revolutionary music instrument that turns players into DJs in seconds. The intuitive interface allows up to 4 players at the time to create music just by placing and moving blocks on its surface.  The system is built for users of all ages and music experience, allowing anyone to enjoy music in no time.

We enable people to play with music as with lego blocks – building music from snippets, which match with each other perfectly. By eliminating possibilities for mistakes, we encourage non-musicians to experiment and enjoy playing music at the same quality level as professionals do. IDEAL FOR BRAND ACTIVATIONS & EVENTS – Based in Melbourne – Will travel!


18. Groove Star

The Combination of outstanding showmanship, great repertoire and corporate event experience makes Groove Star the Corporate cover band of choice for many corporate event clients. Featuring the formidable talent of Glenn Starr & Tash York, this band has chemistry. No mess, no fuss. Killer band – Based in Melbourne

19. Chunky Jam

Young, talented and fabulous, Chunky Jam are one of Melbourne’s most dynamic and exciting cover bands, regularly performing at prestigious corporate events and awards nights, major sporting events, conferences, staff parties, festivals, parties, weddings and charity fundraisers and more.

Chunky Jam have the perfect blend of musicianship, vibe and versatility to get your party started! Their professionalism is unmatched. These talented performers combine the most diverse song lists of any cover band, covering all music styles, and will customise the playlist to suit your event. The best cover band, excellent Australian Corporate Entertainment

Oh, and they supported Mariah Carey on NYE last year. not bad!! – Based in Melbourne

20. King of Pop

This guys, looks like, moves like and seriously thinks, like Michael Jackson, Check out the moves on the video by clicking on the image. TRUELY AMAZING Australian Corporate Entertainment– Based in Melbourne


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