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Work Christmas Party Ideas

Work christmas Party Ideas

Work Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas seems to be upon again, already!! This means it is time to start thinking, rapidly about what you are going to do. This involves a number of big decisions. (Mental note: Try not to make these decisions on your own.  Enlist all the help you can blame later!!)

Quick Work Christmas Party Check List

Who will you invite to the party?  Staff only or “With Partners”?  Will you invite third party contractors, suppliers, customers ?

What is the budget ? This will determine the spend per head you can allocate across all the elements of the event, as well as there format.

Where are you doing it ? Oh (shudder)… the sudden realisation, every company is doing the same thing and venues will get booked up! 

WARNING: Getting the right venue will make or break your work Christmas party and your budget. There can be “tricks” or “costs” you may not know about. Learn more by reading 11 Tricks to Selecting a Venue for Events”

Work Christmas Party Ideas Snow queen

Work Christmas Party Entertainment

The entertainment for your Work Christmas Party is often the thing most talked about.  After all, you want the best corporate entertainment for your staff and team. You certainly want YOUR BOSS to be happy with your selection and the budget you spend to achieve it!  Nothing worse than hiding from your entire team on the Monday, sheepishly avoiding eye contact because you chose the wrong entertainment!

If you have another specific event theme (such as James Bond, Hollywood, Masquerade Ball, Gatsby). Then of course your entertainment selection will reflect the event theme of your choice.

However, if the theme for your work Christmas party is simply “Christmas”  then here are some great ideas for you.  Having delivered more than 5000 work Christmas party events over 18 years, we get it.  This article will walk you through some of your choices and tricks not to miss.


Work Christmas Party – Meet & Greet

Roving Christmas Characters

Why not welcome you guests with some amazing Christmas roving performers bringing Christmas cheer to one and all?

Instinct offer a vast range of Christmas Characters ranging from Musical Christmas tree’s, Snowmen, Crackers, Giant Candy Canes. Even roving Christmas turkeys and Puddings to boot (one of my personal work Christmas party favourites!).  We have reindeers and naughty elves, angels and more.

Red carpet hosts dressed as Festive elf’s or Christmas characters create great photo opportunities for guests. Often they will want to take “Selfies” or catch a photo with these amazing Christmas entertainers. 

Stilts walkers in the form of Snow Queens are an ever popular choice. Conjuring images of both Christmas and fantasy worlds like Narnia.  These etherial Roving performers can now come with illuminated, light up options. Work Christmas Party Idea gold!

Think about having a professional photographer or videographer on hand to capture the fun moments.

view more Roving Christmas Characters

Carollers or Christmas Music

Why not greet your guests with some traditional Christmas carollers or Christmas music being perform by jazz muse’s? Choirs or A Cappella groups can also add “WOW” impact to your guests experience at the work Christmas Party.  They provide as sense of the traditional. It maybe the way Christmas was celebrated when they were growing up or just the way they imagine it from the movies. Either way, it works well for the work Christmas party or staff party.

Santa & Throne ?

It may sound corny but “Christmas Ain’t the same without Santa”.  Whether you want the full Santa meet and greet, or it is simply your CEO dressed up for a funny Cameo? Think about including this important Christmas character in your work Christmas Party. Oh!!…Don’t forget about the throne. Ask us about how we can help dress up your Company Christmas Party, throne and all!!

City of Melbourne Christmas Events-2-elfs

MC’S with a difference. ( I cant help My’s’Elf.. ok sorry!)

Instinct has been involved in some large public Christmas events, such as the Lighting of the Christmas Tree for the City of Melbourne.  In this instance we choose to costume and dress the MC as a forget full Elf (Fred Forget) along with a side kick – whose name Fred has forgotten!  Having an MC get into character and continue the Work Christmas Party Idea throughout the formalities is an ideal twist to the event delivery.

These can take on the form of any Christmas character, however elves bring a sense of the naughty, mischief and the unexpected to the stage.

Little Christmas Drummer Boys (and girls)

Like characters for the nut cracker, a group of little drummer boys is an ideal way to mix it up.Instinct has had them parade, and accompany other aspects of Christmas entertainment.

Frozen – Let it go

The smash hit movie cannot be ignored in relation to the Corporate Christmas Party theme.  You will be amazing how many of you team will stop what they are doing , and join in singing “let it go’ at the op of their lungs. Many will argue it is because of the influence of their children, but don’t be fooled. They love it!!

Live Music, Cover Bands and DJ’s

No matter what style of work Christmas Party you are having, sit down or Cocktail, outdoor, indoor, it is mandatory to ensure your team have a great time, dance and have fun.

Nothing does it better than a great cover band. Entertaining, engaging and providing your guests with something to look throughout the night. Instinct is Australia’s leading agency representing the very best corporate cover bands in Melbourne, Sydney and around Australia.

Make sure your dance floor is full all night at your Work Christmas Party, but booking a top notch Cover bands, Party band or DJ.

  • Groove Star
    Groove Star
    Funk Bands, Melbourne

    Groove Star performs the biggest hits of our last four decades and the hits of now! The Combination of outstanding showmanship, great repertoire and...

  • Jellybean Jam
    Jellybean Jam
    Tribute Bands, Sydney

    Jellybean Jam has been part of the Sydney cover band party scene specialising in corporate functions, charity balls, conferences, Christmas parties and weddings...

  • Venus 6
    Venus 6
    Funk Bands, Sydney

    Combining youth and experience Venus truly understand what entertainment means – and goes beyond your expectations to create an outstanding performance The...

  • Honey
    Tribute Bands, Brisbane

    Honey is a seven-piece powerhouse combining lush vocal harmonies with glamour, costumes and dynamic choreography Three beautiful female vocalists and the four-piece band...

  • Headspace
    Funk Bands, Melbourne

    Headspace is a world class party band who has exhilarated crowds throughout Australia and around the world with their electrifying live showsTheir uncanny...

  • Chunky Jam
    Chunky Jam
    Grammy Awards Theme, Melbourne

    Young, talented and fabulous, Chunky Jam are one of Melbourne’s most dynamic and exciting corporate and wedding cover bands, regularly performing at prestigious...

  • Entice
    Backing Tracks with Vocals, Melbourne

    Entice is one of Melbourne’s no1 party cover band Playing all your favourite pop, rock, r & b and dance music hits...


View more Live Music for your Christmas Party

Work Christmas Party and DJs

If you have a younger team or your staff are predominantly between 20-35 years of age you may consider using a dj or a DJ combo. NOTE: DJ combos’ or hybrid Dj bands consists of a dj performing with live musicians, such has sax, percussion or vocals. These “hybrid DJ bands offer the benefit of the dj playing in all the breaks. This gives you a massive range of songs. This allows you to change the vibe of your work Christmas party as you see fit.

Dj combo bands have very strong appeal in companies with staff predominantly under 30. This is an ideal way to “cool up” your work Christmas Party entertainment.

DJ’s on there own do not provide the same visual entertainment “WOW” or engagement as a live band. There is less to look at. However for the younger crowd who have grown up with club music or “DOOF DOOF” as it is colloquially known, it is relevant. They may prefer this style of music.

WARNING: Be mindful of the oldies . Make sure your work Christmas party caters for everyone.  If budget and space permit, think about having a break out room. One room for Dj music, one room for the oldies. A cover band or jazz band provides the perfect music for the older crew, and a place to chill. You also then get the benefit of flow with people moving between rooms, mingling and circulating. This increases the energy at the work Christmas party, and gives guests options to change “state” to suit their mood

Fact: Whilst the DJ or DJ combo band has appeal, time and time again we have seen the power of a good live band. It simply cannot be beaten for impact or bang for you buck!.

“There is no better, more affordable more impactful entertainment for a work Christmas party than a great cover band.”

Decor & Styling

The decor and styling of your work Christmas party is only limited by your imagination and budget. Having said that, there is so much that can be done for a modest budget. It doesn’t have to be all tinsel and streamers.

Work Christmas Party Table Centre Pieces

A simple wooden Christmas tree adds class to you table.  More involved centrepieces involving candles, ginger bread houses, or other Christmas decorations as add style to the table dressing. If you are going with the “Christmas” theme, don’t forget Christmas crackers!!

Customised crackers can be arranged, so you can put your own customised daggy Christmas Party jokes inside the crackers?   More over, instead of the crappy gifts inside, you can issue numbers and then do a lucky dip or Kris Kringle!!  Add your own flavour of humour to the work Christmas Party.

Cocktail vs Sit down

The format of your staff christmas party will determine a great many things.  Cocktail parties often require more work than a sit down. You may need to hire occasional furniture. No one likes to stand for 5 hours. Room styling and decor cost may also increase. Always best to speak to a professional event manger before making these decisions.

Include a great menu

We live during a time where TV celebrity chefs have rock star status. Consider the menu carefully and make sure it is one that the team will appreciate and talk about after the event.  Fact is, pies, chips and sausage rolls are not going to cut in in the 21st century.

Winter wonderland

Event theming & Styling

If your Staff Christmas Party has a theme, then of course, your styling and decor can suit. Winter Wonderland is great theme for a Christmas party, as is Fire and Ice.  You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to event themes. However, if you want a hand simply give us a call and ask us.

Little things make all the difference

The success of your work Christmas party can only be measured by the staff themselves. The feedback will reflect their opinions, not yours (sorry!)  To ensure a great result, make sure you pay attention to the “little things” that they will “feel”


I know it sounds like common sense, but put some effort into the invitations. If there is an “event theme”.. follow the theme. Get them excited about the theme via the invitation. 

Golden Rule – “Create Expectation and then mess with it”

We once told a client’s staff they were going on a “pub crawl” picked them up in pub crawl buses and you could almost see the look of resignation on their faces. Then we took them to an “Uber cool” event space and delivered an “Around the world theme” event. They later told us it was the best work Christmas party they had ever had!! (very kind of them!)

Save the date emails or digital reminders

It’s a no brainer but get in early. The day after you book the venue, send out the reminder to save the date.  Have some fore-thought and dress it up. Remember the “Golden Rule”. As the first piece of communication about the event, its your job to start to set up expectation, buzz and vibe about the party.

Often what you don’t say will have the team talking amongst themselves. So.. think about it and get them excited.

Who are the team influencers?

You need to get your team to buy in to your event.  If you have divisions,  who are the “Team Leaders” or “Influencers”. Ensure you call together the “Stake Holders” and get them to engage with the right people in your team to get everyone on board.

Take lots of [hotos at your work christmas party

Take lots of Photos and video

Why not capture the work Christmas party to share on your intranet after the event, Photos of the team relaxing, having fun together are always appreciated, and provide great talking pieces. Especially to ones that are .. well, less than flattering!

Remember, if you want to really capture the moment – shoot video. Nothing tells the story like moving pictures with sound

Use professional event managers & entertainment agents

Its ok to go it alone, but facts are, you are learning on the job. This is fine if you have room for error. If you want maximum impact for minimum spend, always use professionals for your corporate entertainment.

Ask us how we can help with your work Christmas party.