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Entertainment for Charity Events- How to Choose the Right Celebrities

Entertainment for CHARITY EVENTS

Entertainment for Charity Events- How to Choose the Right Celebrities

Corporate charity events have become an important part of many organisations today. This is mainly because they help to enhance brand awareness, spur teamwork and network, and most importantly, impact the community in which organisations operate.

In efforts to make charity events more engaging, a majority of companies today understand the need to look for intuitive ways of providing entertainment to their attendees. Having a celebrity speaker in an event is an entertainment idea that can have quite a huge impact and help you accomplish your event’s goals faster. However, the difficult part often entails choosing a celebrity who understands not only the objectives of your charity event but also has the ability to keep your audience engaged all along.

For this post, therefore, we take a look at some of the key factors you need to consider when hiring a celebrity for your fundraising event;

· The celebrity should be appealing on all fronts to your guests and attendees in general.

· They should align to your budgets right from the talent budget, travel budget, and production budget.

· Should declare in advance the type of venue or location they are comfortable with and the size of the stage they want.

· They should also state whether they need VIP treatment or whether they’re just comfortable with the guests’ section status.

When you are confident that all these considerations are met, it’s time to select the celebrity who fits the bill. You can contact a few of them before settling for the best one available. Once they agree to all your terms, you can then go ahead and book them for your event.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Entertainment for Charity Events

– Failing to define audience demographic

Let’s face it. Inviting a celebrity with mastery of contemporary act on a traditional audience or thrusting a classic pop artist in a young crowd to show sophistication will in most cases serve as a recipe for disaster. For this reason, try to select performers who can help to bridge the age gap and deliver a one-of-a-kind performance that caters for all.

– Not defining the ultimate vision of your charity event

The particular agenda of the event should be clearly set while also the message desired by guests and audiences should be well known right from the onset. The kind of atmosphere and feeling you create for your attendees are what determines your event’s success. Sure, you might have a pool of great performers to choose from, but the point is, who is best suited to drive your message home?

– Not conducting due diligence

If you want the best performer or speaker to grace your event, it’s crucial that you begin by creating a thoroughly analysed list of entertainers. From the list, prioritise performers by defining their budgets, availability, and many other crucial requirements as you deem appropriate. Many are the times organisations rush to book a celebrity without conducting due diligence only to realise later on that a more refined name was available for the same budget or even less. Besides, some artists are also capable of adjusting their performances depending on the type of settings; others don’t. Getting to know about this well in advance will help you get a unique perspective of their track record of performance in private events.