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6 Exciting Charity Events Ideas

Chairty Event Ideas

6 Exciting Charity Events Ideas

Raising money for charity is something that many corporate and organisations have been placing a lot of weight on for quite a long time now. While some only hold standard fundraising campaigns, there are those who break the mold and go overboard with fully parked charity events. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with holding a standard fundraising event. However, it’s always more enterprising to add something unique to your event, and who knows? You could possibly attract more donors and

Below are six unique charity events ideas to help you attract, entertain, and engage your donors and attendees more.

– Give out raffles

While raffles are seen to be more popular in village summer celebrations, they can also prove to be pretty useful tools that can revamp your fundraising event and keep your audience engaged. The fact that guests will possibly win something in return while still making a significant impact to the community is what will impress them. You can have raffles for various prizes ranging from shopping gift cards of popular shops, to holiday tickets, or even sports cars. You can also liaise with local businesses to provide you with the prizes. Remember to have one big prize because that is what sells the raffle.

– Fundraising gala dinner

If you want to get everyone talking about your fundraising event, make it a gala dinner and give your guest the excuse to dress up and celebrate your work of charity. This is ideal for large groups especially if you are targeting corporate organisations. Remember that entertainment is an integral part of the night and so it will be appropriate to hire an experienced MC and also hold after dinner entertainment.

– Casino night

Nothing invites more fun than letting your guest battle it out in the casino tables. A casino night blends pretty well with other fun activities commonly held during a charity event. As such, select a few activities at various levels of skill and let your guests pick their fit. Games like Bingo and Poker are a popular choice although you can also add smaller and easier games such as blackjack or a slot machine for those who can’t play at the poker table.

– Auctions

Auctions are a great way of getting your audience engaged while raising money for a good cause. Some of the most popular ones you can introduce include live bachelor auctions and art auctions. However, if you don’t like the bidding paddles, a silent auction can help serve the purpose since it allows attendees to see what they are bidding and determine if they want to spend their money or not.

– Add a theme to your fundraising event

If you are looking for something unique, think of a themed event. You can create a theme that is inspired by the type of charity you are supporting based on a book or movie. For example, consider asking people to dress up to the occasion and include some of the famous and adaptable characters from the book or movie in your themed event. If you are fundraising to support children, you can try to pick a theme from a famous children movie or book.

– Hold dinner dances

If you’re looking forward to entertaining VIP guests and patrons for charity, then dinner dances are a great idea you can consider. These dances motivate attendees to get dressed up, enjoy great food, and get entertained, all for an excellent cause. Host the event in an exclusive location and hire a live band or a DJ to play some cool music.

The six charity events ideas are just but a few of the tens of ideas out there. It’s up to you now to choose that which engages and excites your audiences.