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5 Brilliant Christmas Fundraising Event Ideas to Consider


5 Brilliant Christmas Fundraising Event Ideas to Consider

Raising money to support a particular cause in the community is something many organizations do annually through Christmas charity events. While some companies hold these events in between the year, a majority tend to prefer holding theirs over the Christmas season.

Do you have a passionate cause but are not sure on the appropriate ideas on charity events for Christmas? Don’t fret as we’ve done the groundwork for you and created a list of some of the unique charity event ideas to help you get started.

– Food, clothing, and toy appeal

If your organisation supports people that are not well-off financially or those with disabilities, collecting gifts and food can be a much-appreciated initiative. While at it, you can set up collection points for people to drop their gifts. However, it would be even much more appropriate to hold an event to wrap up the collection period. For this event, try to convince each attendee to carry their gifts and anything else they would want to donate. In return, you can provide them with foods, drinks, and entertainment.

– Host a Santa Run or Walk

Get people work off the stuffing and ham that come with the festivities by organising a run or a walk. You can ask people to dress up as Santa and join the walk or run at a fee which will then be donated to charity. You will surely get a lot of participants especially if you explain it to them the benefits of these activities to their wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

– Organise a Christmas Fair

Christmas is a time when many people and families spend quite generously. So, how about taking advantage of the shopping spree witnessed in the festive season to throw a Christmas fair where you sell baked items such as cakes, various Christmas gifts, and quality second-hand items. You can then channel the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

– Holiday Games

Hosting Christmas games and quizzes can add a bit of friendly rivalry to your festive activities thereby helping you boost attendance. There are many Christmas games you can play such as Name that tune, Gamerbake’s (gamer themed Christmas bake off), and Squirt the Menorah. People like friendly competitions and it won’t hurt if you charge a reasonable entrance fee for some worthwhile fun.

– Host an end-of-year party

New Year Eve is one of the best seasons to hold a fundraising party as people tend to be more generous at this time of the year and especially when they know it is for a good cause. Look for a great venue, hire a brilliant band, fill the tables with delicious food, and get people prepare to party as if it is their last day doing so.

The Christmas holiday season offers you a great opportunity to impact your community positively. This is why it’s such an opportune time to hold a charity event that aims to raise support for the underprivileged in the society. So, ensure to capitalise on the festive spirit of giving by trying out any the five brilliant charity events ideas that we’ve outlined for you in the post.