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Unique Award Night Concepts for Employee Recognition

While it has become a norm to hold employee recognition awards events at the end of the year, it is surprising that most of the attention is given to typical things such as employees who made the most sales or stepped above certain set goals. Indeed, a majority of companies choose to stick to routines rather than coming up with new categories that will add excitement and elegance to the award ceremonies. However, there’s a need for today’s organisations to be a little more innovative to ensure their awards night events get more entertaining and fulfilling.

Employee recognition awards have a broad array of benefits which can play a pivotal role in making your workforce better. They not only help in boosting staff morale but also provide a perfect chance to socialise, interact and have fun. They also help to set better organisations’ standards which everyone seeks to attain.

For this post, we take a look at several awards night concepts to get your wheels churning when seeking to recognise the good work done by your staff.

  1. Cost Saving Award

Let’s take this example. A year ago, your organisation pledged to cut costs so as to increase its chances of succeeding. The employees who came up with innovative ideas or measures that made this cause a reality, therefore, need to be awarded. Recognising these individuals with a Cost Saving Award will send a key message to all the other staffs that your company pays attention to every extra effort placed towards such causes.

  1. Perfect Attendance Award 

You can also include a category to reward the most time-conscious and competent employees. These are individuals who played an exceptional role in the organisation by displaying utmost dedication and commitment to their responsibilities while also helping to spearhead the elevated company’s performance in all quarters. As such, these are individuals can be counted on whenever your company is in need of people who can guarantee timely completion of work or adherence to policies.

  1. Team Player Award

In numerous situations, an organisation may require employees to come together and work as a group to complete particular tasks. While it seems like a walk in the park, not all employees can work as a team. However, there are those who have exemplary attributes which enable them bring together their counterparts and work towards a common goal. As an organisation, you should look for these individuals and give them employee recognition awards to appreciate their dedication and team efforts. In fact, their belief in work ethics may be one of the key reasons your company is where it is today.

  1. The Green Award

Considering what is going on around the world, being environmental friendly is becoming a competitive edge for organisations. As such, it would be prudent to give accolades to employees who have spear-headed green initiatives at your enterprise. Whether they developed a robust program or simply introduced energy efficient standards that perhaps helped to save your company some money or made it more appealing to investors, there’s a need for you to also recognise them at your annual awards night event.

We’ve only mentioned just but a few of the unique night award ideas and thus feel free to add more that you may deem applicable to your company. When combined with the usual awards such as the best marketer, best sales person, best department, and several others, the award night event will be more inclusive and as a result leave the attendees looking forward to many others in future.