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Awards Night Event Planning: In-house or Outsource?

Award Night Event Planning- Should You Do It In-house or Outsource

Awards Night Event Planning: In-house or Outsource?

Let’s face it. Award night event planning can be somehow nerve-wrecking especially if your company is quite huge and thus numerous activities and dynamics are involved. You want everything to run smoothly not only to impress your boss but also prove that you have the necessary management and organisational skills to pull a one of a kind award ceremony. However, you are torn in between outsourcing the event or doing it in-house.

This article sheds light on instances when it’s imperative to plan your award night event in-house and when it’s better outsourced.

When Should You Plan Your Event In-House?

Below, we outline some of the key questions to ask yourself when seeking to determine whether planning your event in-house is a good idea or not;

– Do you and your team possess the right skill set and experience required to manage the type and size of the award ceremony you are planning?

– Do the staffs you’re working with have enough time over and above their daily work responsibilities to engage in the award night ceremony planning without getting distracted?

– Do key members have the necessary technical knowledge, experience, and management skills to lead all the others into a successful event planning?

– Do you and other leading staffs have the expertise and experience required to negotiate with hotels, venues, transport companies and any other key players involved?

– Is your organisation sufficiently equipped in terms of technology and software needed to aid in monitor communication and registration of huge numbers of attendees?

– Is your team qualified enough as regards proper budget for the size of ceremony you are planning as well as in keeping the appropriate financial records?

Knowing When to Outsource Your Event Planning and Management

Here, you will get to learn the benefits you stand to enjoy if you pick the outsourcing route

– The cost of outsourcing may be lower than that of doing it in-house. For example, if planning for your event takes over half of your working hours, it’s more advisable to go for an event management company rather than relying on in-house workers.

– Better rates as many companies offering the planning services have existing relations with hotels, airlines, venues, transport services, and many others.

– Event planners will focus primarily on the activity providing 100% attention without any conflict of interest.

– The planning companies have specialised skills and experience required to run a successful event from setting the venue, seating, accommodation, lighting, key speakers, music to schedules.

– Planners can bring in many fresh ideas which can fill in the gaps thereby improving the event and make it stand-out.

– Event planning companies always work on a budget, and once you agree on a given figure, you won’t expect nasty surprises later.

– You will receive valuable technical data and expertise from outsourced companies from whom you can learn more about how to work with attendees going forward and in the future.

– The cost of running an amateur in-house award event can lead to devastating effects if it fails. These include loss of clients, loss of sales, loss of future business, and perhaps even loss of good will.

Regardless of whether you are outsourcing or dong your awards night event planning in-house, one thing you should always remember is to keep abreast with industry trends which are always changing especially in this dynamic realm.