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How to Plan and Organise Annual Ball Corporate Events


Annual ball corporate events

Let’s face it, planning for any corporate event can be a daunting and tedious task for any organisation. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. First, it’s important to note that planning for such events follows pretty much the same general pattern and also feature common challenges like all other similar events.

Read below to get a comprehensive checklist and factors to consider so you can organise more successful Annual Ball Corporate Events.

Before your annual ball corporate events

Make a clear agenda and define the objectives of your activity

The first thing you need to do is to have a concrete idea of what you want to achieve with your annual corporate ball event. Is it to raise funds, to bring people together, or to just have fun? Outline the goals and objectives of the event and develop a reasonable timeline.

Annual ball corporate eventsBudgeting

The second step entails coming up with a budget. Here, you need to prepare a budget that will cover all the activities and monitor your spending to avoid wastage. Make sure you take into account all costs to avoid grappling with nasty surprises along the way. Factor in all expenses including those of hiring MCs or performing artists, venue hire, styling, invitations, sound systems , lighting and of course your event management company fees.  Even better is ask your event management company to submit a full budget prior to engaging them.


Select the most convenient location taking into account the ease of transportation, accessibility, and availability of a free venue during the specified date of your event.

Annual ball corporate events – Sponsorship

A corporate event can in some cases attract third party sponsors. However, you need to identify the prospective ones and deliver to them packages detailing how they would benefit from your annual ball corporate event. Follow up within a week and when you have the green light from particular sponsors, make sure you use their testimonials and acknowledge them in the entire period.

Obtain crucial local government requirements and licenses

Inform the local authority about the activity and also seek the necessary licenses. Besides, make sure that no other person has booked the same venue you will be using. Consult with the local government early enough since it may take a few months for some licenses to be granted.

Apply for food permits, noise permits, approval to erect promotional signage, road closure permit or any other license that may be required.

Annual ball corporate events – Publicity, marketing, and promotion

Think about the people you want to see in the event and devise promotional and marketing tactics to attract them. For this, you can design promotional materials such as posters, brochures, and flyers and distribute them to your target audience. You can also create a website or use your social media platforms to invite more people. Also, if your budget allows, you can turn to your local media such as newspaper, radio station or TV station to air your invitations.  We have made many videos for client to promote their annual ball corporate event via their intranet and social media pages. This is a great way to promote your event to staff or guests alike

Annual ball corporate events – Security and risk management

Make sure you conduct a risk assessment involving various stakeholders and set up a risk management plan. Organise the staffs and volunteers, and prepare run sheets or scripts for ceremonies. Also, book first aid officers, and if necessary, you can get an appropriate insurance cover. Also, make sure you book security guards and inform the local police department about the activity. Create contingency plans in case things don’t progress as expected.

Annual ball corporate events – Food vendors

Hire reputable food suppliers and confirm their availability through writing. Request a copy of their certifications and also apply for a temporary food premises license if you are using a non specialized venue

Annual ball corporate eventsOn the main day

Gather your staff and volunteers early for briefing and usher them to their respective activity areas. Review the chain of command in case of emergencies and provide them with identification. You can also take photos with participants and volunteers and save them for the next section.

Annual ball corporate events – After the event

Remember to clean all the litter and rubbish and also remove all equipment used from the location. Give sponsors, volunteers, and your staff a thank you presentation and also hold a brief meeting with all stakeholders and partners to review the just ended event. Using the photos you took with participants, ask for feedback by posting them on your social media platform and website.

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