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The Blue Note Collective

Thanks for providing such a high quality and entertaining performance to mark the opening of the Phillip Island Jazz Club calendar. Our members (some who are pretty hard markers) and visitors commented on the professionalism that the group displayed and the varied program that you had put together.

Robin and Jill Boyce – Phillip Island Jazz Club
Bliss Live

I just wanted to say how happy I was with the acoustic duo that played at our Open Day a couple of weeks ago. They were really lovely people to deal with and the quality of the music was amazing. Adelaide has an amazing voice and the music really suited the vibe we were going for. We will definitely be in touch if we need something like this again, they were fantastic!

Thank you for all of your help and if you could pass this on that would be great!

Thank you,

Amy Likoravec: Events & Projects Officer | Swinburne University of Technology
Tim H

A big thanks Tim for putting on a great performance at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in Phillip Island. You guys were fantastic – great music and really easy to deal with.

Luisa Barbaro | Manager – Entertainment | Australian Grand Prix Corporation
Arts Hub

Sexy, fun, a little decadent and nicely polished. Nouveau takes us on a tour of classic songs of love and heartbreak from greats such as Brel and Piaf, and sings them with aplomb and sufficient melodrama. Her numbers are solid and entertaining, and the interludes of bombastic shadow-play costume changes were right on the money

Arts Hub
Nikki N

One of Australia’s hottest burlesque stars

Time Out Sydney
Nikki N

An authentic musical experience which drips with talent and skill

Alt Media
Nikki N

At times sexy, soulful, flirtatious or just simply hot, Nikki sang and reminisced the story of France’s Little Sparrow … an exceedingly enjoyable night out

Theatre Now
Nikki N

Nikki’s vocal ability is extraordinary; simultaneously delicate and passionate. Delivering in French and English, she had the audience captivated from start to finish

Crystal Corocher, Arts Journalist

Katherine Wow… think I’m in love with you. Last night my brother and I stood and watched you for a while. We would have left earlier and continued on with our night but you miss Katherine had us mesmerised with your soft amazing voice (plus your song choices were on point)  we talked about you for a while when eventually left how, me personally, wanted to get couch, maybe a blanket, some popcorn or snack foods, something to drink and set up a camp in front of you and just relax there all night listening to you and watching you.. lol. Your amazing Katherine, thanks for doing what you do. Was a pleasure watching and listening to you and I look forward to seeing you again. Matt. x

Matt Ritchie

Despite your size, you stood there like a giant making me feel as small as ever. In less than ten minutes you’ve been able to tell me a part of your story… I’ve got the feelings of a long journey. I’ve felt the in your voice a need to go always on following the path you choose for yourself. That was a huge lesson that you, a perfect stranger, using your voice only taught me. I got back home and I started to write again.

Alberto Amadori

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