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DJ Sierrah

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    DJ, Live Music, Weddings / Function DJ
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  • DJ Sierrah
  • DJ Sierrah


DJ Sierrah Corporate Events and Parties

DJ Sierrh wants female DJ’s to be sought after as much as her male counterparts who dominate the industry. She is part of the new wave of female DJ’s to take the industry by storm. Not only is she great looking, passionate and has extensive music knowledge but she is sure to get your party up and dancing.

About DJ Sierrah

What is it like to be a female in a man’s world? It’s difficult. It’s frustrating. It’s tough. It is also a load of fun, sprinkled with mischief.
For decades women have been fighting long and hard for the recognition and the success in what is known as a man’s world. But why? Coming from a strong working background in modelling and currently working as a disc jockey, I have experienced an industry ruled by women in comparison to a male dominated industry. Both completely different (and exciting) industries with strong stigmas attached to them.

Only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female. Being a female disc jockey I feel that despite pumping out great mixes and working at some great events, the
recognition from booking agents, promoters and venue managers/owners remains elusive, but I’m here to change that and if you need a hightly skilled female DJ to make your event a success then your exactly the client I need.

DJ Sierrah plays all Styles

DJ Sierrah plays all styles from chill-out, dance, R&B, Hip Hop top 40 dance and everything in between. She is perfect for Award Night, Cocktail Events, End of year break up party, Festivals, Product Launches, Staff Christmas Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events.

Instinct Highly recommends this act.


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