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Cath Jamison

Woman of deception: magic and feats that defy logic and will rule the mind. Ideal for corporate events as an opening act, she will enthrall and leave all wondering how she does it.

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    Fire and Magic, Magic / Illusions, Roving Performers
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  • Magician Cath Jamison - VIC magic show
    Woman of deception: magic and feats that defy logic and will rule the mind.


  • Cath Jamison
  • Cath Jamison
  • Cath Jamison


Show list

Australia’s #1 Female magician

& only Female mentalist

There are 2 styles of show you can choose from, Magic & Mindreading


The Stage Show

Cath Jamison, is considered among the top magicians nationally and internationally. Cath’s versatility, artistry and experience ensure a hypnotic performance, conjuring up a world where anything is possible, even materialising your CEO on stage! This hilarious stage show combines elements of comedy, illusion & women’s intuition (mindreading) all delivered with a stylish edge. Her powerful charismatic stage presence, knockout theatrics and unique, sassy and feminine approach to the art of magic will make your next event unforgettable! Perfect for corporate, cruise ships, cabaret and festivals.


The Flightcase Show – Magic

A miniature sized show that is larger than life! Jam packed into a single flight case, this versatile show can appear anywhere, any place, any space. Cath’s charismatic performance will have you laughing and keep you guessing. From transformational currency, accuracy with a sword and your chosen card, to making it snow on command, her sassy brand of humour is deliciously engaging.


Close-Up – Magic

Australia’s most sort after female magician is the magical Hostess with the Most-ess will enchant and intrigue you with her magical skills with a warm and cheeky personality to put your guests instantly at ease. Cath’s versatility offers you the chance to experience first hand, the intimate world of close up magic. This ‘ice-breaking’ magic is a perfect way to kick-off the evening and encourage your guests to mix and mingle while the magic happens before their eyes and in their hands!

Magic! The Family Show

Cath Jamison, Australia’s #1 female magician brings you an exciting production, MAGIC! The Family Show .The whole family will be entertained and enthralled by this dynamic, entertaining and hilarious magic show. Illusions include, floating a child, the classic Zig Zag illusion, levitate a table with a volunteer and making it snow on command. Her unique and quirky approach to magic appeals to children of all ages while parents will be astounded and baffled by the high level of skill and creative illusion. A magical feast for the young and the young at heart. Cath Jamison is undoubtedly the best and funniest female magician in Australia.

Carnival of Rustic Dreams

Travellers from different worlds will perform in the ‘Carnival of Rustic Dreams’ and captivate your imagination. Be transported into worlds unknown, unchartered, exciting and diverse. This is an opportunity to feast on the skills and performances of those who have journeyed from afar; a world of laughter and intrigue. The young and young-at-heart will be captivated by this show where illusion and mystery, whimsy and fantasy will transport you into a world where circus and magic meet.

Australian School of Magic – Magic Workshops

Can you keep a secret…?

If you can, the Australian School of Magic is the place for you!

The enchanting world of magic has inspired and intrigued for centuries. It’s alluring. It’s mesmerising. And its secrets are now revealed at the first Australian School of Magic. All aspiring apprentices charge your wands! Here is an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of magic and learn the magician’s tricks of the trade.

Cath Jamison, Australia’s #1 female magician school promises to develop the potential in each of her students. Through the teaching of illusion, manual dexterity and memory are improved, and performance skills are enhanced – all the while growing confidence, resilience and a sense of fun!The Australian School of Magic creates the perfect setting for young magicians to learn about the ancient craft of magic in a supportive and encouraging environment. These newly acquired skills can be reproduced at any time, providing entertainment for years to come.

Step through the doors and discover for yourself the thrill and excitement that lies within…

* Australian Pre-School of Magic (Age: 5 – 6)

* Magic Class (Age: 7- 12)

*Australian Academy of Magic (Age: 13 – )


“We loved every minute of this very funny and talented woman”

Lilian Brayle

“Awesome performer…I loved her!”

Kate Ceberano

“One of the funniest and captivating magicians I’ve seen”

Trent Evans


Melissa Etheridge

“How did she do that?”

Tim Burton

“I can’t work out how she did it!”

Edward De Bono

“I Love her, she’s fantastic…I want to see more

Dawn French

“Australia’s number 1 female magician”

The Age

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