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Not your typical crooner, Alfredo transforms gems of yesteryear into loungey, sexy and romantic musical arrangements.

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    Live Music, Musician Singers, Solo Performers
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    1-8 performers

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Best Italian Singer: Alfredo

Alfredo is the best Italian singer, not your typical crooner, Alfredo transforms gems of yesteryear into loungey, sexy and romantic musical arrangements. Along with his smokey vocal style Alfredo delivers a tender longing that juxtaposes his strong passionate performances.
Alfredo is Australia’s very own Italian son of song, and he’s harboured a burning passion for music as far back as he can remember. As a very young boy growing up in Adelaide, I couldn’t fall asleep unless I had the radio on. Music was my one true escape, and even now, if everything is crumbling around me, as soon as I start to play my piano and sing, the world as it is stops and my own private universe begins.
Sydney-based Alfredo is a true citizen of the world, and his colourful career has transported him to many places across the globe. I’ve played in cities as varied as New York, Nashville, Tokyo, Milan, Dusseldorf, Saint Moritz, Munich, Rome, London, and all over Australia of course. What a trip it’s been.

With over 30 years experience on stages around the world, Alfredo has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most remarkable live artists. He has performed at VIP parties for Canadian crooner Michael Buble, he’s entertained guests at a lavish ceremony to celebrate the opening of the 2011 Formula One in Melbourne, and he’s also shared the main stage at the Sydney Opera House singing duets with Tina Arena and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
“Tina used to come and sing with me in a small bar in Melbourne in the late 1980s, and it was a special moment when she recently chose me to sing The Prayer with her, backed by a grand sixty piece orchestra. It was a glorious highlight of my career.” says Alfredo.

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