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Live Music & Live Musicians for hire for your corporate events, weddings or private party. Instinct represents the best live music.  Live bands of every size,  cover bands, live jazz bands & headline recording artists. Live bands & live music Melbourne, Sydney & around Australia. Listen. Read. View. Watch. Enjoy.

Live Music Hire for Corporate Events

Live Music is still the best entertainment solution for corporate events. Without a doubt good Live bands deliver the most bang for your entertainment buck!  

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re planning; corporate events, awards nights,  conference welcome ceremonies, gala dinners christmas parties, weddings, even a birthday party. Nothing will compete for impact based on “spend” better than live music & live bands.

Whilst many forms of entertainment are brief (ie comedy usually only 20 mins, dance acts usually only 8 min) a live band will play three or four 45 min sets and be the back bone of your entertainment throughout your event.

FACT >>> Live Music is a tried & tested way to send guests home having experienced a great event.

FACT >>> Good live bands will engage your audience, create ambience and deliver energy to the room.

FACT >>> Live music can be the backdrop for conversation, welcome winners to the stage or have the dance floor jumping.

FACT >>> Live bands can customise their sets to suit your event theme or to suit your guests

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Live music is easily customised for your event

Most musicians for hire can be customised to suit your event or event theme. Live music is often used as a  secret weapon by event managers, delivering specific event themes. A good live band or musician can find a way to help you deliver most event ideas.  Think of the David Letterman show. The Paul Schaffer orchestra is front and centre. The live band offers stings & musical themes throughout the show (or event). Rock Wiz utilises the same format. Live Music is the driver of the vibe and the “controller” of the atmosphere. Most live events run in the same context.

Live Music for your event theme ?

  • JAMES BOND THEME?… No problems! Want the band to play Goldfinger ?
  • LATIN? .. Easy
  • 80’S? .. We got that covered! (complete with blue eye shadow!)

“Live Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” Johnny Depp

Live Songs Vs DJ Music

Live band songs have the immediate appeal of theatre of the live band performance, rather than a digital download or virtual iPod.  A good live song brings up a memory of a moment. It reminds us a period in life or of certain people. Music bonds us with our own personal experience.

“I saw this particular live band one time. They blew my socks off” Funny thing is, years later you are still talking about it … right ?

A good live band can leave an impression recorded music will never match.  Even with all the benefits of digital technology the interaction and theatre of a live band with great live music changes us. It feels different when it is live. It has depth, dynamics, sound. It has impact.

Having said that, recording in the studio helps create the songs live bands then perform live.


Chunky jam-corporate-cover-band

“Music is what feelings sound like” – Author Unknown


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Live music experience counts

Instinct Events & Entertainment has more than 20 years experience in live music. We provide music for corporate events, public events, weddings and private parties. If it is live Music, we do it!

Instinct  supplies live music and entertainment for events across Australia and Asia.  Some of our most popular acts include recording artists and Australia’s leading corporate cover bands. We understand the role live music plays in ensuring an events success.   We carefully select only the best artists, live bands and performers, in a wide selections of styles and genres.  We also have music to suit a range of budgets and can cater to almost any event plan.

Live Music is the sound track of our life

We all associate the sounds of live music with particular moments, memories, movies, television, live bands, radio. Some of us now associate “it” with the internet, social media, Youtube & other mediums. Music is always there.

A classic song has the ability to takes us right back to a significant moment in time. Almost all the “good times” we remember have music attached to them. A particular song, tune or sound is usually front and centre to the best of times or toughest.

People say cliches are hard earned! We think classic song status is even harder earned! Think about it.. Millions of songs over all the years of recorded history (or “Recording History”) Now.. that is one rather large group of songs.  And yet… when you hear that one specific live song – BOOM!

You are right back in that specific moment, time, space, place, feeling again!!!


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“Live Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono


latin music

Live Songs – One Song at a time

Music transcends every day life while being a central part of it.

Music has an uncanny ability to change our emotional “state”. It can lift our spirits, take us on  magical journey to places we have never been.  We attach music to memories one song at a time. How often do you hear a song and suddenly realise you know the lyrics already!  Music seeps in over time right?

We all know the live songs we like. Live songs our friends like.  Live songs that are hot and live songs that are not.  Somehow we even know the music our parents listened to before we were born! SPOOKY!?

BE AWARELive Music is vivid. It Stirs feelings & awakens memories.

“Live bands are the strongest form of magic.” Marilyn Manson


Live Bands change the world

Live bands have changed the world. Not only in a “we are the world” kind of way, live bands have created the tapestry of the times in song.  Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra created the sound of the Big Band swing Jazz, as well as the sound track of post World War 2 optimism.

Woodstock and the era of peace and love also created the soundtrack to the Vietnam war.  The Bee Gee’s, Saturday Night Fever, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, Jackson 5, Hot Chocolate  are the sounds of the 70s, disco to funk. Soul to Motown. Each genre has a time, an environment, a style, a look attached to it.

From an event planning point of view, these musical genres are GOLD. Need an even theme ? What Live Music or Live band will create the right atmosphere and vibe? Simple.

shimmer trio perth 2

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” – Albert Einstein


groove star--19

Live Songs Vs DJ Music

Live band songs have the immediate appeal of the theatre experience by guests watching the live band perform. DJ’s can control the crowd through song selection, beats, choice of materials . They can conduct the dance floor, but do they perform? The have the benefit of the digital environment to create sound, but is it good to look at ? Live musical performance or virtual iPod? Only you can choose.

A good live song brings up a memory of a particular moment. It reminds us a period in life or of certain people. Music bonds us with our own personal experience.


One live Music performance can stay for life

Ever found yourself saying “I saw this  live band one time and they were seriously good” and realised years later you are still talking about one particular night?

A good live band can leave an imprint recorded music will never match.  Even with all the benefits of digital technology the interaction and theatre of a live band with great live music changes us. It feels different when it is live. It has depth, dynamics, a quality of sound. It has impact.

Remember seeing a famous musician end his career with amazing skill, virtuosity, a total  maestro. Or seeing a young, rough and ready rock band smash it live, and turn a room on its head ?  Either of these extremes and all the live music in between, leaves impressions that can change you.

dj versus live music- live bands- liveband-live musicians

Music is what feelings sound like– Author Unknown

Outdoor concert

Live Bands Melbourne

Melbourne was long known for its great live bands and live music venues.  Whilst things have changed over time, live music still has a strong foothold in the psyche of Melbournian’s.

The “beer barns” once hosting live bands every Friday & Saturday night have slowly changed. Sadly, they have mostly changed into gaming venues with poker machines. However you can still find successful venues utilising live bands to generate and hold a crowd. One that note, lets hope all great venues in Melbourne are not turned into flats over time!

When it comes to events, live bands in Melbourne still get a great run.  Whether it is a large outdoor festival, such as new years eve at Federation Square, sporting events, corporate awards nights, charity gala dinners, weddings or parties, live bands in Melbourne are generally busy.


Events are the financial backbone of Melbourne Live Bands

For live bands Melbourne based opportunities in the corporate event market & wedding markets are the cornerstone of their employment.  Live bands have felt the change in the pub and club environment and had to adapt into “show bands” for corporate events.  A good live band in Melbourne, such as Chunky Jam or Groove Star have played in most of the big rooms for functions and events.  Five star hotel ballrooms and dedicated function spaces get to know the great bands.

One upon a time great original Australian recording artists had pubs, clubs, hotels, bars as the “incubator” in which their sound could be developed.  The live bands of the 80’s cut their teeth this way. Midnight Oil, INXS, Daddy Cool, Cold Chisel, LRB.. the list goes on. Todays live bands & working musicians must create the gig environment through multiple event bookings.


Live music- wedding band - live band-live bands-1


“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” ― Robert Fripp



Pearly shells- swing jazz

Live Jazz Melbourne

Instinct has the best live jazz Melbourne has to offer.  Live musicians for hire, performing the live jazz Melbourne loves, are still in big demand.  Jazz clubs are no longer the smoked filled dens they used to be. However good live musicians can still be found on many nights of the week, performing live jazz to entertain Melbourne audiences.

Live jazz is still a popular choice for corporate events, weddings and parties. The burgeoning success of Michael Buble, mirroring  his “rat pack, crooner fore fathers; Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin, has revitalised the use of live jazz in events.

Live Jazz offers event planners a chance to create multi-generational appeal at their event. It can also be performed at a reasonably low volume, appealing to those over 40 years of age.

“Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise” – George Gershwin

Why Do you want a Live Band?

Why you want or need a live band or live music will be largely influences by your personal music choices. The live songs you like to hear, the live music you and your peers love will affect your choices.  At Instinct you can find a wide range of live bands, cover bands, live jazz bands, smaller live bands such as duo’s and trios, world music, soloists, classical players, strings, DJs and a variety of other live music options. Instinct can supply the perfect live music or live band to suit your needs.

The real questions is what are your objectives for the music ? Will you choose a band you love or a live band suitable for your guests?

What is the nature of you event, the demographic of your audience ? More importantly, can you trust the band you book to deliver what they promise? It you are unsure about how to select the right live music for or live band, then it is always best to seek professional help.


Live music guitar red

Venue entertainment 4-solo guitar

Live Bands Sydney

The live band scene in Sydney is growing from strength to strength.  In many ways now there is bigger and better live band Sydney scene, than there is in Melbourne. Unlike Melbourne the RSL culture and Rugby & Sailing club culture keep many live bands in Sydney employed.

With a massive tourist market built around Sydney harbour it is not unusual to walk through Darling Harbour and hear the sounds of five to six different live bands coming from the vast array of  restaurant and venues/ Live bands in Sydney appear to have more opportunity to perform publicly than other cities across Australia.

Live bands Sydney based are also offering event planners a cost effective solution for corporate event entertainment.  Instinct proudly represents some of the best live bands Sydney has to offer.

What to look for when choosing live Music

Keep in mind, good live bands are also entertainers! (not just a good live musicians). They bring theatre and performance energy to your stage. This energy is felt by your guests.

Choosing the right live band or live music for you event is about matching a number of variables. The style and talents, Live song selections and of course, your budget. getting the right band or performer for the job, can be a daunting task. Always use a professional agent for the best results.


jesse jaz duo

StringsOnFire - Liquer Flambe 5

Why Use a Live Music Agent?

A professional music agent has a few things covered that a stand alone band or musician doesn’t.  For one, they will return you phone calls!! Imagine you have booked a live band for your wedding and they turn their phone off !!!!!  Now you have no contract and No contact!!! OUCH!

Things can go wrong, Singers loose their voice, musicians can live a “Rock Roll ” lifestyle, that may impact their ability to perform for your event.  A good agent has you covered. They have back up plans, back up singers, and will not leave you and your event on the side of the road!

These days, all band need to have a min $20 Million public liability insurance (this is a requirement of most venues). REMEMBER- NEVER USE A FREIND OF A FREIND! IT WILL END IN TEARS


Live Music for your Wedding

At Instinct Events & Entertainment, we’ve had years of experience helping our clients plan live music for weddings or private functions. Our goal is to make the process of choosing and booking live music for your wedding as pleasant as possible. Our friendly and professional team is available to asist with any enquiries.

Browse our website for a huge range of music options. There is something to suit every moment. From wedding ceremony to wedding reception, our wedding bands can cover the entire event from beginning to end.

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Live Music for Every Event

  • We provide live music to suit any type of event or budget. Whether it is a corporate gala, conference, awards night, fundraiser, sporting event, festival, wedding or private party.
  • All performers are amongst the best in their field and will provide the ultimate entertainment to ensure your event is a success.

If at any time you’d like to speak to one of our experienced team members call 1300 881 611.


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